Landal Berger Duinen

Landal Berger Duinen: Is It Really Worth Visiting?

Landal Berger Duinen is the perfect place to unwind in the Netherlands. It’s ideal for people looking to stay in a luxurious home, yet who like to be surrounded by nature. There are many beautiful walking and cycling trails in the surrounding areas.

Before coming here, I had no idea what it would be like to stay at Landal Berger Duinen.

I’ve visited the area since I was little, yet I had never stayed here before. To be honest, I expected more of a camping kind of vibe, but to my surprise the stay was very luxurious!

Especially the accommodations really exceeded my expectations and most of them even come with a sauna and wood stove.

Keep on reading to find out what it’s really like to stay at Landal Berger Duinen. 

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Landal berger duinen experience

How to get to Landal Berger Duinen?

Landal Berger Duinen is officially located in Schoorl, but it’s also very close to nearby Bergen. I would recommend getting here by car, as there is no train station located in Schoorl or Bergen.

If you do get here by public transport, you can first take the train to Alkmaar and then a bus to Schoorl or Bergen. Getting here by public transport will take a lot longer due to the lack of train stations.


How many days at Landal Berger Duinen?

There is enough to do in the surrounding area, especially if you’re a nature lover. Therefore, I would suggest spending around 5 days at Landal Berger Duinen.

However, it can also be perfect for a weekend getaway or for a longer vacation. It depends on what you prefer.

Do make sure to book well in advance, as it gets booked out quite quickly. Click here to view their latest prices and more. 

When to visit Landal Berger Duinen?

I would highly recommend visiting Landal Berger Duinen between May to September. This is when the weather is the best in the Netherlands.

Especially during the summer months, chances are higher that it will be sunny here, however it will also be more crowded. Hence, I suggest visiting somewhere between this time of the year.

Landal Schoorl

What is the accommodation and park like?

As mentioned earlier, the accommodation really exceeded all of my expectations. I expected more of a small house, but the house was actually very large and had all the necessary amenities. You only had to bring your own towels etc.

Bring your own wood or buy some wood before you arrive, as most houses have a wood stove, but there is no wood. The house which I stayed in had 3 separate bedrooms, two bath rooms and one living room and kitchen combined.

There was a sauna in the bath room as well, which was very pleasant. Do keep in mind that the sauna has to be warmed up for around an hour to an hour and a half to be hot enough. 

The park itself was very quiet, perfect for a relaxing stay. From what I saw, there was a playground, a small shop inside the reception with bicycle rental, a large chess board and a table tennis table. It felt a bit like a small village with luxurious villas.

Playground in Landal Berger Duinen

What to do during your stay at Landal Berger Duinen?

There are many things to do during your stay at Landal Berger Duinen. However, I especially recommend doing the following: 

Have lunch at Duinvermaak Restaurant

This is one of my favorite restaurants in the Netherlands. It’s not because the food is exquisite, but it has a certain kind of authentic feel to it. They serve large pancakes, pizzas and sandwiches.

I would highly recommend eating a pancake here, as the restaurant is known for this. Restaurant Duinvermaak is located in a historical building and is more than 100 years old.

Duinvermaak Restaurant

Walk through the forest at Berger Bos

Nearby Duinvermaak you will find Berger Bos, a beautiful forest ideal for a stroll. The small forest of approximately 5 hectares is situated on the edge of the village of Bergen.

The forest is part of the wider natural landscape of the North Holland Dune Reserve, which is a protected nature reserve that spans a large area of sand dunes and woodland along the coast.

Landal berger duinen

Visit an art exhibition in Bergen

One of the best things to do during your stay at Landal Berger Duinen is to visit an art exhibition in Bergen. After all, the village of Bergen is known for its many artists. Which art exhibition takes place when and where varies according to the time of year. 

If you’re visiting Landal Berger Duinen during October, definitely make sure to visit the Kunst 10 Daagse. This is an art event which takes place from the 20th to the 29th of October, where artists showcase their works of art in people’s homes in Bergen.

Most locations are free of charge and you can just walk around Bergen from 11:00 to 17:00 to admire the pieces of art. 

During our stay we visited an art exhibition from young artist Maaike Kos, which was one of the highlights of our trip.

Art expo Bergen

Rent a bike

The surrounding area is the perfect place to rent a bike. There are several bike rental companies in both Bergen and Schoorl, such as Fiets Verhuur Schoorl and Bonbonbike. An especially popular activity is to go mountain biking in the Schoorlse Duinen.

There are a lot of amazing (mountain) bike routes to explore. Ask the rental company for the best tips about these cycle routes.  

Play chess at Landal Berger Duinen

If you like playing chess, you will be happy that there is actually a large chessboard located on the premises.


Walk to the centre of Bergen

Something which I definitely recommend doing is to walk to the centre of Bergen. Bergen is a lovely village and it’s home to a lot of cafes and restaurants! On Saturday you can even visit the market here from 08:30 till 17:00 o’ clock. 

It takes around 45 minutes to walk here from Landal Berger Duinen. If you first stop at Duinvermaak Restaurant, it will take only 20 minutes from here. Along the way you will get to see more of the unique village Bergen.

Bergen Centre
Landal Berger Duinen

Market in Bergen

Visit the climbing Dune

The Climbing Dune in Bergen is a unique natural feature located in the North Holland Dune Reserve.

It’s one of the highest dunes in the North Holland Dune Reserve, and is known for its steep incline, which makes it a popular destination for visitors who enjoy hiking and climbing. 

The dune is approximately 51 meters high and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. Especially if you visit the area with children, I would definitely recommend to visit the climbing dune. 

Visit the cheese market in Alkmaar

Another great thing to do during your stay at Landal Berger Duinen is to visit the cheese market. This market is located in Alkmaar and is one of the best things to do here.

This is a traditional Dutch market that has been in operation for over 400 years. It takes place every Friday morning from late March to early September, and it is one of the oldest and most famous cheese markets in the Netherlands. 

The market takes place on the Waagplein, a large square in the centre of Alkmaar. Vendors arrive early in the morning to set up their stalls and prepare their cheese wheels for sale.

The cheese is typically displayed on large wooden boards, and vendors wear traditional Dutch costumes as they conduct business.

For a typical Dutch experience, head over to the cheese market in Alkmaar. The centre of Alkmaar is around 15 minutes away by car. 

Walk the Fairy Doors Route

If you’re visiting the area with children, I highly recommend walking the Fairy Doors Route.

This is a walking route designed for children, where they can discover hidden fairy doors along the way. The 1.5 kilometers long Fairy Door Route is located in the Schoorlse Duinen and is marked with signs. 

Along the way, children can search for tiny fairy doors that are hidden in the trees and rocks. Each fairy door is unique.

Children can even leave notes or small gifts for the fairies who are said to live behind them. The Fairy Door Route is a fun and magical way for children to explore the natural beauty of the Schoorlse Duinen and to engage their imaginations.

Landal Berger Duinen

Landal Berger Duinen
Schoorlse Duinen

Admire Villa Duynstaete

A beautiful, luxurious and classical building worth admiring is Villa Duynstaete. It’s address is: Breelaan 73, 1861 GD Bergen. I would recommend admiring this elegant building during your stroll to the centre of Bergen.

If you’d like to see more beautiful buildings or homes in Bergen, I would suggest to take a walk through the ”Eeuwige Laan” in Bergen. This street is well-known in Bergen, because of its many gorgeous houses.

Duynstaete Bergen

Visit the Ruinekerk in Bergen

The Ruinekerk is a historic church located in the heart of Bergen. The church is named after the medieval monastery that once stood on the same site, and it’s one of the town’s most iconic landmarks.

The church was originally built in the 15th century in the Gothic style, but it was partially destroyed by fire in the 18th century. Today, only the church tower and a few walls remain, giving the building a unique and picturesque appearance. 

Despite its ruined state, the Ruinekerk still functions as a place of worship, and regular services are held in the church throughout the year. The church tower also houses a small museum that explores the history of the building and the town of Bergen. 

In addition to its religious significance, the Ruinekerk is also an important cultural attraction in Bergen. I would especially recommend a visit to the Ruinekerk if you’re interested in Bergen’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Ruinekerk Bergen

Visit Bergen aan Zee

It takes around 15 minutes to reach Bergen aan Zee from Landal Berger Duinen. You should definitely visit Bergen aan Zee during your stay here. It’s a coastal village known for its wide beach, dunes and natural landscapes.

You will also find some good restaurants here. Bergen aan Zee is without a doubt a charming and picturesque coastal village worth visiting. 

Go tubing at Skiclub Il Primo

This skiclub in Bergen has been around for more than 50 years. Here you can ski, snowboard and langlauf. From the end of April 2023, you can also go tubing here, which can be a really fun activity during your stay. You can reserve a spot via their site or you can send them an e-mail. For more information have a look over here at their website.

Il Primo Bergen

In conclusion

Overall, I would highly suggest staying at Landal Berger Duinen. The accommodations are very luxurious and exceeded all of my expectations. Besides, there is a lot to do in the area.

You can for instance go mountain biking in the Schoorlse Duinen, visit an art exhibition in Bergen or try some Dutch cheese at the famous market in Alkmaar. Also make sure to visit Bergen aan Zee to cherish its natural landscapes. 

If you’re visiting the area with children, I would especially recommend walking the fairy doors route and climbing the Dune. All in all, I hope I’ve inspired you for your stay at Landal Berger Duinen.

Have you ever stayed there? Please let me know in the comments!  

Away with Danae
Nearby Landal Berger Duinen (beach)

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