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Wangyuku B&B, Jiufen: What It’s Really Like Staying Here

An accommodation can really make or break your stay. Are you wondering what it’s really like to stay in Jiufen, specifically at Wangyuku B&B?

In November 2023, I stayed at this small B&B in the mountains of Jiufen. In this article, you’ll read exactly what you can expect from staying here.

Including how to get here, what the room really looks like, whether it’s worth staying here and what things to do in the area.

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views from Wangyuku B&B
Views from Wangyuku B&B

How to get here?

First, it’s important to know how to get to this B&B. From the popular Jiufen Old Street it’s less than 10 minutes of walking.

There’s also a bus stop located one minute away from the B&B. This bus stop is called: Daganlin.

As it can get pretty busy in the Old Street, it’s actually a lot nicer to stay a bit further away from the crowds. It makes your stay a lot more authentic. 

If you’re coming by car, then it’s good to know that there are free parking spots at the B&B.

man walking down stairs in Jiufen

What to expect at Wangyuku B&B

It’s always good to have your expectations right before visiting a place. To be honest, the B&B Wangyuku is one of the most unique places I’ve ever stayed at. Although the owner does not speak a lot of English, he is very kind and accommodating.

We arrived here while it was pouring with rain and we had been traveling for half a day, yet the owner’s charm immediately gave us a really good mood. He even gave us a couple of rain ponchos for the rest of our stay.

girl in yellow rain poncho in Jiufen

We even got some free noodles, snacks and water. Breakfast is already included in the price, which is very convenient.

We stayed in the double room with mountain views. The room has everything you need and more.

If you’re looking for lots of luxury, then this is not your best bet. However, if you have a thing for unique stays filled with character, then you should really go here.

The room has a television, a fridge, air conditioning, a small private bath room, a hair dryer and a small table with chairs.

breakfast at the B&B Wan Yu Ku
room at Wan Yu Ku
bathroom with curtains in front

My favorite part about the room is the extra room. This room has amazing views of Jiufen and its greenery. It feels very serene and could be used as a meditation room or just a place to relax and unwind.

Additionally, the B&B is very affordable for what you get. For this price, you wouldn’t expect to get free snacks and toiletries. Click here to view its latest rates and availability. 

extra room with window and curtain
Views from the extra room at Wangyuku B&B
Views from the extra room

Is it worth staying here?

It’s without a doubt worth staying at this charming B&B. If you’re looking for a really luxurious experience, then this is not it. However, if you’re looking for a place full of character and kindness, then this is definitely the place for you.

The owner is kind, the room has everything you need and it’s close to the buzzing Jiufen Old Street, yet far away enough to escape the crowds. You can really appreciate the lush greenery of Jiufen in this beautiful B&B.

Room at Wan Yu Ku with curtain with fake flowers

Things to do in the area

Most people think of Jiufen Old Street when visiting Jiufen. But there’s actually a lot more to do in the area. Here are some of the other great things to do in the surroundings:

Chase waterfalls

There are several nice waterfalls in the area to visit. These waterfalls include the popular Shifen Waterfall and the Golden Waterfall, but also the more hidden small Huiyao Falls.

If you want to visit the latter, make sure to have a car, as it’s only easily accessible by car.

waterfall in Jiufen
A random waterfall we stumbled upon on a rainy day

Visit the Jiufen Goldore Museum

If you’re a history lover, then you should really visit the Jiufen Goldore Museum. They also provide tours where you’ll learn about the past of Jiufen as a gold mining village. The Night Tour is one of the best tours to join here.

Hike Mount Keelung

To appreciate the lush greenery and nature in Jiufen, go and hike Mount Keelung. Here you’ll be greeted with beautiful views over Jiufen. The hike takes around 1.5 hours in total.

Visit Jiufen Qingyun Temple

This temple is definitely a hidden gem in Jiufen. Although the streets of Jiufen get crowded easily, this temple doesn’t. Even though there’s no admission fee.

The beautiful Jiufen Qingyun Temple is dedicated to the emperor Shennong and is really worth visiting when you’re in Jiufen.

Don’t forget to take the lift to the 6th floor, where you’ll have magnificent views over Jiufen and Taipei.

Jiufen temple views

In conclusion

In case you’re looking for a unique stay in Jiufen, then look no further. Stay at Wangyuku B&B and experience the kindness and lushness of Jiufen. 

If you’re looking for lots of luxury, then this is not for you. However, in case you appreciate true kindness and a unique place to stay, then you should definitely book your stay here.

Besides the popular Jiufen Old Street, there are more interesting things to do in the surroundings. One of them is to visit a hidden temple in Jiufen.

In case you want to admire some beautiful nature, you can head over to a waterfall or hike into the lush mountains.

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