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Waikoloa Hotel: The Best Value for Money Hotel in Taipei?

A hotel can really make or break your stay. Before heading to Waikoloa Hotel in Taipei, I was really wondering what staying here would be like.

The value for money seemed really good. I asked myself: is it too good to be true or is it really this luxurious yet affordable at the same time?

That’s why I’ve written this article, to give you an insight into what it’s really like to stay at Waikoloa Hotel in Taipei city. This article includes whether the hotel is worth visiting, where it’s located and what you can expect when staying here.

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Waikoloa Hotel inside, table with flowers

Is Waikoloa Hotel worth visiting?

You probably came here to see whether the hotel is really worth visiting. Well, the simple answer is: yes, Waikoloa Hotel is definitely worth visiting.

It feels very luxurious, yet is still affordable compared to other luxury hotels in Taipei. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best value for money hotels in Taipei. 

girl in mirror at hotel in Taipei
As you can see I have actually stayed here

Where is the hotel located?

Waikoloa Hotel is located in Zhongshan District in Taipei. There are several metro stops nearby, such as ”Xingtian Temple” , ”Nanjing Fuxing” and ”Songjiang Nanjing”. It takes around 10 minutes to walk to the subway stations.

It’s not in Ximending, but you can easily reach it. In 15 minutes by car, 25 minutes by bike or 25 minutes by public transport, you’ll reach this popular shopping area.

Outside of the hotel

Additionally, it takes less than 10 minutes by car, 20 minutes by bike or 20 minutes by public transport to get to Daan district. This is a nice, trendy area filled with students. Here you’ll also find the lovely Daan Forest Park.

You can also cycle to the popular Shilin Night Market from the hotel, which only takes around half an hour. Another place worth cycling to is the impressive Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, which only takes 15 minutes by bike from the hotel.

This is the exact address of the hotel: No. 187號, Changchun Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491

red doormat at the hotel with Waikoloa written on it

What to expect at Waikoloa Hotel, Taipei

So, what can you expect when staying at this hotel? The hotel has a very classical charm to it. This is reflected in their beautiful classic furniture with Japanese touches.

There are several different type of rooms available, which are all spacious and have everything you need. Besides, the service is very good.

Lobby at the hotel
Lobby of the hotel with flowers and an elevator
lobby at the hotel with marble floors
Photo impressions of the lobby at the hotel

We personally stayed in the exquisite suite, which I can highly recommend. The room has a shower and a bath, which is always good to relax.

There’s even a beautiful bureau in the room, which is very convenient for studying or working. It’s also good to know that the hotel offers free WiFi.

bureau in the room

What stands out about the hotel is how spacious its hotel rooms are. That’s pretty special for this price!

In this spacious room you’ll find a fridge, a television, two comfy chairs to sit in, a large enough wardrobe and two night stands. The bed is very comfortable and large.

The bed at the hotel with lights next to it
Bed with mirror next to it in the hotel
spacious room with chairs
blue chairs in the room

Especially for the price, it’s such a luxurious hotel. It’s a three star hotel, yet it feels like four stars. Click here to view its latest availability and prices.

A downside to this hotel is its late check in time. Check in is formally only possible from 18:00 o’clock, yet you can always drop your bags off earlier and see if the room is already available.

We dropped our bags off at 12:30 PM and could already check in, so then the late check in time didn’t really matter. I would advise you to at least drop off your bags a little earlier and ask whether it’s possible to already check in.

Otherwise, you can head over to one of the nice cafes in the area or store your luggage at an MRT station and go off exploring.

Here are some more unedited photo impressions of the hotel room to give you a realistic impression of your stay:

Shower in the hotel room
Bath at Waikoloa Hotel
Mirror and sink at hotel room
television and kettle on cupboard and fridge
cosy bed with white sheets

In conclusion

Waikoloa Hotel is definitely one of the best hotels in Taipei. The rooms are spacious and beautiful and the hotel has a special kind of classical charm to it. In no time you can get to the popular Ximending or the trendy Daan district.

If you want to explore Taipei and you want to stay in a luxurious, yet affordable hotel, then book your stay at this hotel. 

Away with Danae

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