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Villa Paradiso Sirmione Review: Is It Worth Staying Here?

If you’re looking for a piece of paradise in Italy, then look no further. Villa Paradiso feels like an oasis of tranquility. This historical place is truly worth visiting.

The large garden, surrounded by an olive grove, is very beautiful and there’s even a whirlpool to relax in. It’s located 10 minutes away by foot from the popular historical centre, yet it feels like you’re in heaven.

There are only seven rooms at this boutique hotel, which makes it extra unique to stay here. Wake up with sounds of birds chirping and views of Lake Garda. In this article, we’ll cover what it’s really like to stay at Villa Paradiso, Sirmione.

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Where is Villa Paradiso located?

Villa Paradiso is located in Sirmione, Italy. Sirmione lies on the shores of lovely Lago di Garda. It’s half an hour by car from Verona Airport. You can catch a taxi from the airport for around 70 euros one way or you can of course rent a car.

Lake Garda views

It’s also possible to get to Sirmione by taking a bus from Verona. This takes around an hour and a half. Bring cash just in case if you’re going to use public transport, as they don’t always accept cards.

Although staying here feels like a true oasis, there are lots of shops and restaurants located nearby. The St. Pietro church is less than a minute away by foot and it takes around 10 minutes to reach several beaches from here.

Houses in Sirmione in Italy lake Garda with Scaliger castle next to it

Facilities at Villa Paradiso Sirmione

The facilities at Villa Paradiso are really good. There’s free WiFi and parking available. Breakfast is also included in the price and is served between 08.00 and 10.00 o’ clock.

In the self-service kitchen you can fill up your plate with fresh fruits, cheeses, local salamis, eggs, yoghurts and more. Afterwards, you can head to one of the beautiful terraces to enjoy your breakfast in the outdoor dining area.

Garden from above at Villa Paradiso

The self-service kitchen is ideal, as you can grab drinks whenever you want to. You can write down what you got and pay this at the end of your stay.

There’s also a whirl pool located on the grounds. At the moment, the whirl pool can be used between 16:00 till 20:00 PM. You have to reserve the whirl pool via the QR code on the kitchen refrigerator.

One of the best things about this wonderful villa, is that there are lots of different spaces to relax. There are different terraces on the grounds of the villa, which creates a really cosy ambiance. Even in such a large garden!

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What it’s really like to stay at Villa Paradiso

Sometimes you see lots of good ratings of a hotel, yet you wonder what it feels like to stay there. Is it really as good as the reviews? This is exactly what I was wondering. That’s why I decided to stay here myself.

And to be honest, staying here was even better than I imagined. It’s so peaceful and really feels a world away from where you came from. Especially if you just want to finally relax for a bit, then this is an amazing stay for you.

The owner of the B&B, called Francesca, is a really kind and intelligent lady. This really adds to the charm of the accommodation. The hotel is owned by her family since decades. The interior of the place makes you feel like you’re walking in a place filled with history.

outside terrace at Villa Paradiso Sirmione

The rooms offer lake views, have a private bathroom, air conditioning and are pretty spacious. There’s also free WiFi available. Do keep in mind that there are no radios and televisions in the rooms, as this doesn’t suit the purpose of the place: tranquility.

However, I must admit: if you like ultra modern hotels, then this is not for you. If you appreciate authenticity and peace, then you should really stay here. Click here to view its latest prices and availability.

Lake Garda views with trees
View from the room

How many days should you spend here?

Stay at least two days at this unique accommodation, if possible stay a little longer. If I would have the time, I would definitely spend at least five days here. Even though it’s a place of relaxation, there are enough things to do in the area to keep you occupied.

You can for instance visit Lido delle Bionde or Jamaica Beach. These beaches are around 10 minutes away by foot. You can also visit the nearby St. Pietro Church, spend a day at a thermal spa or wander through the historical centre of Sirmione.

There are several great restaurants located near to the accommodation as well. Some of them include Bon Ton Bistrot (cosy), Il Vicolo (affordable), Ristorante Al Pescadore (seafood) and Vista Lounge & Bar (cocktails).

Outside terrace filled with green leaves

When should you visit Villa Paradiso Sirmione?

The best time to visit is between May and October, when the weather is at its best. If you want to escape the crowds when walking through the centre, then skip July and August.

However, rest assured if you’re planning on spending most of your time in the villa. Villa Paradiso Sirmione will still be an oasis of peace during the summer months.

Garden at Villa with flowers and trees


Villa Paradiso Sirmione has been one of the best places I’ve ever stayed at. If you appreciate authenticity and tranquility, then this is the place for you.

Yet, what is special about this place, is that there are lots of shops and restaurants nearby. However, if you prefer a really modern hotel, then you should have a look elsewhere.

Book your stay at Villa Paradiso here and enjoy your piece of paradise in Italy. Let me know what your stay was like!

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