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Is Hiriketiya in Sri Lanka Really Worth Visiting? (2024)

Hiriketiya is a small, yet upcoming surfers village located on the South coast of Sri Lanka. This place has a special kind of atmosphere and is not yet discovered by mass tourism.

It’s a true foodie heaven with many incredible cafes and restaurants. It also has a lot of stunning beaches nearby.

To me, it felt a bit like what Bali would have been like 20 years ago. Read on to find out what to do, where to eat and where to stay in the amazing paradise of Hiriketiya.

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Sri Lanka Hiriketiya

How to get to Hiriketiya?

Hiriketiya is located on the South Coast of Sri Lanka, 2 kilometers away from Dikwella and 180 kilometers away from Colombo. It’s situated between Tangalle and Matara.

There are several ways to reach Hiriketiya: 


The easiest way to get to Hiriketiya is by taking a taxi from the nearest major city called Matara. The taxi ride takes around 30 minutes. 


There are several buses that run between Matara and Hiriketiya. You can take a bus from the Matara bus station to Dickwella, which is the nearest town to Hiriketiya, and then take a tuk-tuk or taxi to the beach. The bus ride takes approximately 45 minutes. 


You can also take a train from Colombo or Galle to Matara and then take a taxi or bus to Hiriketiya. The train ride offers stunning views of the coastline, and the journey takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on the starting location. 

Private car transfer

If you prefer more privacy and comfort, you can also hire a private car with a driver to take you to Hiriketiya. This option is the most expensive, yet offers more flexibility and comfort

Personally, we took a private mini van from beautiful Ella to Hiriketiya, which eventually cost us around 12000 Sri Lankan Rupees (which is around 30 euros) in total.  

Is Hiriketiya really worth visiting?

Hiriketiya is definitely worth visiting. It has beautiful (surf) beaches, there are monkeys walking around and there’s a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s not as popular yet as nearby Unawatuna, which is a good thing. Besides, it’s not only a surfer walhalla, but also a foodie heaven.

There are so many great restaurants and cafes here! If you’re a surfer or a foodie, you will especially enjoy Hiriketiya.

monkey sri lanka

When to visit Hiriketiya?

The dry season in Hiriketiya runs from December to March, which is the best time to visit if you want to avoid rain and enjoy sunny days.

The rainy season runs from May to October, which brings more rainfall and humidity, but also more greenery.

Still, due to Hiriketiya being a beach destination, it’s best to visit during December to March. 

How many days in Hiriketiya?

Spend around 3 to 5 days in Hiriketiya.

If your time in Sri Lanka is limited and you prefer to see as much as possible, spend 3 days here. If you’re more into slow travel, spend 5 days here.

A lot of people eventually stay a lot longer in this surfers paradise than planned. Some even stay here for weeks or months on end.

Where to stay in Hiriketiya?

There are many geat places to stay in Hiriketiya. I would personally recommend staying at the following places: 

For luxury

If you want to have an unforgettable stay, consider staying at Blue Heights. There’s place for 8 people in this absolutely beautiful villa with outdoor pool. You can have all this luxury all for yourself. Click here for the latest prices.

 Another great luxurious place to stay at is Ginger Palm Villa. Book a room at this boutique villa and enjoy its great service. Click here to see their prices. 

For amazing scenery

Stay at Sea Port Hiriketiya if you prefer to have a beautiful sea view. This place is only steps away from Hiriketiya Beach. Click here for the latest prices. 

For an affordable stay

For a more affordable stay including breakfast, have a look at House On The Bend. Click here to view their availability.  

Where to eat and drink in Hiriketiya?

The food in Hiriketiya is absolutely incredible. I still want to go back there to just sit and have an amazing brunch near the sea. Some of the best spots around Hiriktiya include the following:

Brunch at Verse Vollective

Verse Collective has a really really good vibe and is located next to Dikwella Beach. Their food is very high-quality and the people that work here are really friendly.

They serve delicious coconut coffees as well. I highly recommend visiting this place during your stay in Hiriketiya.

Tip: If you’re looking for a co-working space, then this is a great place to check out.

Verse Collective in Hiriketiya

Lunch at MOND Rooftop Cafe

MOND Rooftop Cafe is the perfect place to have lunch if you’re into sleek design and great views. If you want to sip your coffee while overlooking the beach, head over to MOND. They have small, yet tasty portions.  

Dinner/lunch at Dots Bay House

Dots Bay House is a concept in Hiriketiya. This is a very popular place here. However, it does not feel overcrowded. It actually has a really good atmosphere to it. During my time in Hiriketiya, I went here many times.

Their staff is very friendly and accommodating and their food is very high-quality. Even their pizzas were really yummy!

Dots Bay House
pizza in hiriketiya

Cocktails at Smoke & Bitters (in the top 50 bars of Asia)

Smoke & Bitters was named in the Top 50 Bars of Asia and it’s not hard to see why. During our stay in Hiriketiya, we’ve been here almost every day.

It’s good to reserve a seat in advance, as it’s a popular place to go to. Especially the outdoor seating area is loved by many people.

Their cocktails are extremely high-quality, their staff is very friendly and their tuna steak is amazing. I highly recommend getting the punch cocktail, which was really delicious.

Some places in the world you just want to go back to, no matter what time and day. This is one of those places.

Smoke & Bitters Hiriketiya

Breakfast at Duni’s Hoppers

Duni’s Hoppers is a very small establishment, yet it has really delicious smoothie bowls. If you’re looking for breakfast, then head over here to grab some morning protein.  

Evening drinks by the sea at Lychee Bar

Lychee Bar is the perfect place to unwind after a day of surfing, swimming or exploring Hiriketiya and its surroundings. Here you can have a drink on the beach overlooking the calmness of the sea.

They have very affordable prices, which makes it an even better place to visit.

Tip: They serve delicious passion fruit mojitos. 

Lychee bar

Dinner at Garlic Cafe

A really affordable dinner option in Hiriketiya is Garlic Cafe. It’s not only affordable, but also the best seafood I ate in Hiriketiya (and maybe even in the whole of Sri Lanka). It’s really worth going here if you want to eat authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

Garlic Cafe Hiriketiya

What to do in Hiriketiya?

Even though Hiriketiya is a small place to visit, there are several things to do here and in the surrounding area. I highly recommend doing the following:  

Relax at Silent Beach

Silent Beach is located in Tangalle and is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Sri Lanka. It only takes around 20 minutes to reach Silent Beach from Hiriketiya.

Even though it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, it’s not very touristy yet! I would highly recommend visiting this wonderful beach.

It was without a doubt one of our highlights of our travels in Sri Lanka. Silent Beach has a very peaceful atmosphere and its waves are captivating.

The beach is lined with palm trees, it’s clean and its waters are crystal clear.

Do watch out while swimming, as the waves can be a bit wild.

Silent Beach

Surf & swim at Hiriketiya Beach

A must-do during your stay in Hiriketiya is to visit Hiriketiya Beach. Hiriketiya Beach is a lovely beach to visit. Here you can relax on a sunbed or you can go swimming or surfing.

You can rent a surfboard for a whole day for 1500 Sri Lankan Rupees in total, which is very cheap. These prices were a lot cheaper than other places where we’ve rented surf boards in Sri Lanka. 

During your visit to Hiriketiya Beach, I would recommend sitting at the complete right side of the beach where the food truck is located. They serve fresh drinks (such as fruit smoothies) and delicious food at very affordable prices.


Visit Udawalele National Park

Yala National Park is a popular place to go on a safari in Sri Lanka. However, I would personally recommend to go on a safari at Udawalele National Park. This national park sees less tourists, yet you still have the possibility of seeing a lot of wildlife here. 

elephant in Sri Lanka
buffalos in national park

If you’ve always wanted to see elephants in the wild, then visit Udawalele National Park. This national park is located around 1.5 to 2 hours away from Hiriketiya, which makes it an ideal place to visit if you’re staying in Hiriketiya and interested in going on a safari.

Do keep in mind that the ”entrance fee” is not going to be the total price of your safari. There are other costs that will come on top of this. 

Elephants in national park

Go for a massage at Tonic Spa Hiriketiya

If you’re looking for a place to have a massage, I would recommend going to Tonic Spa Hiriketiya. They offer a range of massages and (herbal) baths and they have a beautiful garden. It’s best to book your appointment for a massage here before hand.

Visit Blue Beach Island

This was definitely one of our highlights during our stay in Hiriketiya. The Blue Beach Island is very beautiful and is located in Nilwella.

It’s not that far away, I think it took us around 10-15 minutes to get here from Hiriketiya by tuktuk. This small island truly is a hidden gem.

I would highly recommend going here to just wander around the island and explore. If you want you can also go camping here. While we were there, there were around 3 other people on total on this little island gem.

To my surprise, the island is actually very green. Please don’t forget to put on sunscreen before visiting this island, as the sun is very strong here.

Blue Beach Island
Blue Beach Island Hiriketiya
Hiriketiya blue beach island
Blue Beach Island

In conclusion

If you’re looking for a place to surf, enjoy great food or just a place to relax, definitely pay a visit to Hiriketiya in Sri Lanka. Here you can visit beautiful beaches, discover its amazing cafes and restaurants and see monkeys swinging by in the trees. 

There’s also plenty to do here. You can for instance visit nearby Silent Beach, Blue Beach Island or Udawalele National Park.

All in all, Hiriketiya is a must-visit destination during your travels in Sri Lanka.  

Away with Danae

Silent Beach

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