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Treasure Hill Artist Village: One of Taipei’s Hidden Gems?

Treasure Hill Artist Village, once a military settlement beside the Tamsui River, has transformed into a cultural sanctuary that symbolizes Taiwan’s art scene.

Hidden away just moments from Gongguan, you’ll find this small artist village. It’s one of those places that you suddenly stumble upon. Its filled with creative energy and has a good atmosphere to it.

This article will tell you how to get here, whether it’s worth visiting and what you can expect when visiting this gem.

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man in Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei

Key takeaways

  • Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei is a cultural sanctuary that was originally a military settlement for Kuomintang soldiers in the 1940s. It has been transformed into an art commune.
  • The village offers urban farming workshops, farmers’ markets, street art displays and spaces like Tadpole Point Cafe 尖蚪 for visitors to enjoy local cuisine.
  • Artists from around the world come to Treasure Hill Artist Village, using the historic homes as galleries and studios to showcase their work.
  • It’s easily accessible by public transport such as MRT or bus, or even cycling or walking. The artist village is located under Fuhe Bridge near Gongguan Station on Tingzhou Road.

The History of Treasure Hill Artist Village

Once a military stronghold, Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei City tells a tale of remarkable transformation.

This place went from housing Kuomintang soldiers to becoming an art commune. It’s a real cultural retreat overlooking the Tamsui River.

Former military settlement

Treasure Hill Artist Village stands as a testament to the resilience and transformation of a former military settlement. In the 1940s, this area became home to Kuomintang veterans who established an unauthorised community upon their arrival in Taiwan.

Their spirit of survival is embedded in the walls and alleys where over 200 families once lived. The tightly knit housing cluster not only offered shelter, but also fostered a distinct veteran community development.

The village itself is filled with stories. Despite its past, today this place bursts with creative energy. It has been reimagined into an artistic oasis that pays homage to both its origins and future possibilities.

alleyway in Treasure Hill Artist Village
grey houses surrounded by trees
greenery and trees in the village

Transformation into an art community

As the village’s military past faded, an artistic future began to take shape.

In 2010, extensive renovations turned what was once a neglected space into Treasure Hill Artist Village. It truly is a mix of cultural heritage and creativity.

art at the village

Artists from around the world now flock to this urban development project, breathing new life into its historic lanes.

The former homes of soldiers have been made into galleries, workshops, and residences for creatives. These spaces are dedicated to their art and the preservation of this unique community.

gooses walking around
man standing at the village

This revitalisation hasn’t just conserved a historic site. It has cultivated an environment where you can experience firsthand how conservation is combined with urban innovation.

Every corner serves as a canvas showcasing Taipei’s dedication to fusing cultural legacy with contemporary artistic expression. An extra great thing about the artist village, is that its surrounded by greenery.

houses with greenery outside
tree surrounded by greenery

Exploring Treasure Hill Artist Village

Dive deep into Taipei as you explore Treasure Hill Artist Village, a place filled with creativity and culture.

Urban farming

At the small village, you’ll find urban farming between the art installations and historical buildings. It feels special to see sustainable agriculture just steps away from Taipei’s busy streets.

You might even participate in agricultural workshops hosted within the community gardens. The village buzzes with activity during farmers’ markets, highlighting locally grown produce that supports urban sustainability.

urban farming
greenery at the artists village

Lots of art

As you stroll away from the urban gardens, prepare to see lots of creativity. The art at Treasure Hill Artist Village really brings the alleyways and buildings to life.

Artists have transformed this space into a dynamic outdoor gallery, where every art piece tells a different story.

slow living poster
art at the village in Taipei
piano in a toilet

Aldeia Artística (artistic village)

Dive into Aldeia Artística, the heart of Treasure Hill Artist Village, where art breathes new life into every corner. This creative community stands as a testament to artistic innovation and cultural sanctuary in Taipei.

Wander through this vibrant place and you’ll find historical preservation entwined with contemporary creativity.

Explore at your own pace and interact with local artists who call this ecological retreat home. Experience their artistic expression up close—watching them paint, sculpt or perform may inspire your own sense of creativity.

art at the village
chair looking out on Taipei

Tadpole Point Cafe 尖蚪

For a relaxed place to sit down, head over to Tadpole Point Cafe 尖蚪. It’s definitely one of the cutest cafes in Taipei.

This cafe is a haven if you’re looking to recharge in the creative buzz of Treasure Hill Artist Village.

tadpole cafe
man standing in fornt of cafe

With its cosy corners and good ambiance, it’s perfect for reading a book or admiring local art pieces on its walls.

They serve delicious food at a good price and their staff is very friendly. Art lovers will really appreciate this small cafe. It’s an inviting space where relaxation meets inspiration.

tadpole point cafe taipei
places to sit at the cafe
night sky of Taipei

Is Treasure Hill Artist Village worth visiting?

So, is this small creative village in Taipei really worth visiting? Yes, definitely. Especially if you like hidden gems or if you’re into art.

The village has an interesting history and is filled with pieces of art. It feels a world away from places like the popular Shilin Night Market.

It’s a testament to Taipei’s dedication to historical preservation and artistic innovation.

If you like to wander through lanes filled with creative energy and greenery, then visit this place. You’ll find an authentic experience far removed from the typical tourist trail.

man with suitcase walking in the village
green scenery dotted with houses

How to Get to Treasure Hill Artist Village?

Navigating your way to Treasure Hill Artist Village is easy with Taipei’s efficient transportation system.

Transportation options

Heading to Treasure Hill Artist Village is a breeze, thanks to the well-connected Taipei public transport system. This creative hub in Taipei is closer than you think, tucked away beneath the Fuhe Bridge.

You’ll find a variety of convenient transport methods tailored to your needs and preferences.

  • Hop on the MRT and get off at Gongguan Station. From there, walk due west through the alleyways and you’re on Tingzhou Road, right where the artist village is.
  • Catch one of the city buses; they are frequent, affordable, and give you a glimpse of Taipei as you travel.
  • Rent a bike for the day. Cycling paths are abundant in Taipei and offer a healthy way to get to the village. This is what we personally did and we loved it.
  • If you’re staying close by or enjoy walking, Taipei’s pavements are pedestrian – friendly. A stroll through this city’s vibrant streets is not just exercise but an experience in itself.
  • Taxis in Taipei are reliable and can take you directly to Treasure Hill Artist Village.
bridge near Treasure Hill Artist Village

Where to stay in Taipei?

Finding the perfect place to stay in Taipei is an important part of your travel adventure.

As you plan your visit to the Treasure Hill Artist Village, consider these unique accommodation options:

  • Miramar Garden, Taipei: For a 5* hotel with a swimming pool and spacious rooms with marble bath rooms, book your stay at Miramar Garden Taipei.
  • Waikoloa Hotel in Taipei: It’s one of the best hotels in Taipei and where we’ve personally stayed. It feels very luxurious, yet it’s a lot less expensive than other places with the same kind of luxury. Here you can find its latest prices and more.
  • City Suites Taipei Nandong in Taipei: City Suites Taipei Nandong is another great hotel in Taipei, where we’ve personally stayed. It’s close to metro stations and you can walk to the great Raohe Night Market from here.
spacious room with chairs

In conclusion

Wander off the beaten path to Treasure Hill Artist Village, where creativity and history blend into one. Let your curiosity lead you through small alleys filled with art.

It’s a special kind of place, and is especially worth visiting for lovers of art, culture and history. Make sure not to miss this hidden gem during your next adventures in Taipei.

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