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The 9 Best Countries for Solo Female Travel

Perhaps you’ve decided that you would like to travel solo, yet you aren’t sure which are the best countries for solo female travel. Or perhaps you’re still contemplating whether you should even travel solo.

Nevertheless, this guide will tell you what countries are the most suitable for solo female travel in the year 2023.

This list has not only been made up by means of my own experiences, but also on the basis of actual safety ratings of the countries involved.

As I find safety very important when it comes to traveling solo, I found this important to include. Read on to discover which country you should choose for your next solo travel adventure.

1. Singapore

Because my flight to China was cancelled, I ended up in Singapore by mistake. Nevertheless, while I was traveling on my own in Singapore, I felt very safe and did not feel threatened at all.

If you would ask me where you should go on your next solo trip outside of Europe, I would wholeheartedly tell you to go to Singapore!

Solo Female Travel Singapore

2. Croatia

Another affordable destination ideal for solo female travel in 2023 is the country of Croatia. Its Adriatic coastline is home to many crystal-clear waters and beautiful islands. The country in South Central Europe has an impressive history and a low crime rate.

If you are looking for a next solo travel destination and you love both history and island hopping, I would most certainly recommend Croatia!

3. Denmark

Denmark is a very safe, yet more expensive, travel destination for solo female travellers. It has a low crime rate, and its public transport makes it easy for you to move around.

I would personally advise you to visit the Faroe Islands, which are part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

It comprises 18 volcanic islands between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean and is a great destination for hiking and watching numerous of gorgeous waterfalls.

4. Spain

Even though Spain is a very popular holiday destination, it is still very affordable. It also makes up for the ideal country for your next solo female travel adventure.

It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and has something to offer for everyone: impressive architecture, cheap and delicious food, a brilliant coastline and lots of museums.

Whatever you are looking for, Spain will be a good country to start searching for it.

Travel Spain

5. Iceland

Iceland is not only a dream destination, but also an ideal country for a solo trip as a woman. Many waterfalls, great landscapes, no mass tourism… What more could you ask for? Iceland even ranks as the top country regarding gender equality.

6. China

China may not be the first country that came to mind when you thought of places to travel to on your own as a woman. Surprisingly enough though, China has been one of the safest countries I have ever travelled to.

Even walking alone at night feels like less of a threat than elsewhere, as there are loads of visible cameras everywhere. The visible cameras make it less attractive for people to bother you. Besides, Chinese people in general are very kind to foreigners.

However, I would advise you to not visit China on your very first solo trip, as it can be a challenging country to navigate without speaking or reading any Mandarin.

Also make sure to stay away from ‘’free drinks’’ also known as ‘’fake alcohol’’. As the name suggests these are drinks that don’t contain real alcohol and can be very harmful.

If you take this into account, I am sure that your solo trip to China will be one of the most memorable trips of your lifetime.

Shanghai solo travel

7. Finland

Ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, Finland is one of the best countries for solo female travel in 2023.

Besides, Finland is the second most leading country in the world when it comes to closing the gender gap. It also has a great public transport system and the Northern Lights alone make the country worth exploring!

8. Japan

A mystical yet modern country steeped in culture, Japan is the perfect country to visit as a woman traveling by herself. In my opinion, most Japanese people are very polite and kind.

Besides, Japan has great public transport options, which makes it easier to travel around. It is worth mentioning though, that this destination is more expensive than other countries on this list.

9. Switzerland

Last but not least, the country of lush mountains and fresh air. If you are looking for a place with stunning natural landscapes, Switzerland is the place to be. Do keep in mind that Switzerland is more expensive than most other (also European) countries.

Because of the country’s low crime rate and its inspiring train system, it is a superb location for solo female travel.

Some beautiful places to visit in Switzerland are Lake Lugano and magical Lucerne.

Is Lucerne worth visiting
Wandering around Lucerne

In conclusion

All in all, there are many countries suitable for solo female travel adventures in 2023. Wherever you will choose to go, each of them have their own magnificence.

Have you ever traveled solo or are you thinking of traveling solo? Please let me know in the comments.

Additionally, if you’re looking for more inspiration on solo travel, have a look at my other articles!

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