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Tegenungan Waterfall: Everything You Need To Know

Tegenungan Waterfall is without a doubt one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a gorgeous waterfall in a lush jungle setting.

The first time I visited the waterfall was in 2018. Back then, the local taxi driver had no idea what waterfall I meant. Eventually we found the waterfall by navigating the offline maps. It was truly a hidden gem.

Nowadays, the waterfall has become a prominent tourist attraction, with numerous restaurants and shops located at the top parking area.

Even though the waterfall has become more and more popular, the waterfall is definitely still a must-visit destination during your time in Bali.

This travel guide will tell you more about this magnificent waterfall, including how to get there, when to visit and what to expect.

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Tegenungan Waterfall
Standing at the viewpoint of Tegenungan Waterfall

How to get to the Tegenungan Waterfall?

The Tegenungan Waterfall is located South of the artist village of Ubud. It’s very easy to reach from Ubud or Sanur. It’s around a 20 to 30 minute drive from both.

The waterfall is located in the village of Tegenungan Kemenuh, also known as Kemenuh Village on the Petanu River in the Gianyar Regency.

I recommend hiring a scooter to reach the waterfall. A private driver or tuktuk ride will also get you to the falls. I don’t know of any convenient way to reach the falls with public transport. Of course you can also go on a tour.

From the parking spot, it’s around a two-minute walk to see the waterfall from a far. Before descending, you can enjoy this viewpoint that offers a stunning view of the waterfall in the distance.

There are around 160 steps to the waterfall. The journey down to the falls takes around 20 minutes, but well-maintained concrete steps provide a relatively comfortable path.

Do keep in mind that the journey to the falls is quite steep. If you have mobility issues and you don’t feel comfortable walking the steps, I can tell you that the viewpoint is already worth going to the falls for!

Along the way, you’ll see a smaller waterfall, often referred to as a “natural massage,” which offers a unique and refreshing experience. Finally, you’ll reach the massive Tegenungan waterfall itself. The waterfall is around 30 meters tall.

One of the highlights of visiting Tegenungan is the opportunity to capture breathtaking photos. There are several spots on either side of the waterfall that provide fantastic photo opportunities. Additionally, there’s a swing available for those who wish to pay for a memorable photo experience.

For those seeking a more adventurous option, a trail leads to the top of the falls. Just below the peak lies a favorite spot for many, allowing you to get up close to the waterfall and capture stunning shots of the cascading cliffs.

Tegenungan Waterfall

When to visit the Tegenungan Waterfall?

The waterfall is a lot more fierce during rainy season. There is a lot more water due to the rain. However, this also means that you probably can’t swim there during rainy season.

If you don’t mind this, the best time to visit the Tegenungan Waterfall is during rainy season, which runs from November to April. The most rain falls in December and January.

During the wet season the water beneath the waterfall might turn brown though. If you do want to swim here, it’s best to visit during dry season, which runs from May to October.

The best time to visit the Tegenungan Waterfall is in the morning. If you’re looking to enjoy the waterfall with relatively fewer crowds, I recommend arriving no later than 7 am. By 8 am, larger crowds start to gather, reducing the chances of having the place to yourself.

What are the opening times of the Tegenungan Waterfall?

The opening time is from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Is the Tegenungan Waterfall worth visiting?

Without a doubt, the Tegenungan Waterfall is definitely worth visiting. Although it’s getting more and more popular, it still remains one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. Therefore, I would highly recommend visiting.

The waterfall is one of my favorite waterfalls in Bali, because the surroundings are so lush! It’s filled surrounded by greenery and really gives you the feeling that you’re surrounded by the power of mother nature.

tegenungan waterfall

How much is the entry fee to Tegenungan Waterfall?

The entrance fee for the Tegenungan waterfall used to be 15000 IDR, but at the time of writing, it is 20000 IDR.

If you want to go to the upper falls, this will cost you another 20000 IDR.

Parking for scooters is free, while parking for cars is 5000 IDR.

At the time of writing there is also a swing nearby the falls, which you can use if you pay a fee. Make sure to bring enough cash money just in case.

How much time to spend at the Tegenungan Waterfall?

Of course this is absolutely up to you. However, I would advise that around 2 to 3 hours is enough time to explore the waterfall.

If you descend to the waterfall this will take around 45 minutes to an hour back and forth in total. You will probably want some time to take photos as well and to maybe swim and sit at the restaurant.

Where to stay near the Tegenungan Waterfall?

You might want to stay a little longer in the area. If so, I would highly recommend booking your stay at one of the following hotels:

Kartika Dahayu Private Pool Villas

This accommodation is the most nearby to the waterfall. It’s also one of the most affordable options. It has a pool, a restaurant, a beautiful garden, private parking and free wifi. If you’re looking for an affordable stay nearby the waterfall, this will be the best option. Have a look over here to view its prices and more.

Villa Sindu Ubud

This sustainable villa is located in Ubud, Bali. Delicious breakfast is included in the price. Especially the location is what sets this villa apart. The garden is really lush and they also have wellness packages available. You can also hire a car or a bike at the accommodation, which is convenient. To see more of this villa, click here.

Aryaswara Villa Ubud

If you look at the garden and swimming pool area of this hotel, you wouldn’t think that staying here is still quite affordable! I would highly recommend booking a room here, as it’s not too expensive and the location is amazing.

This place is also perfect to stay if you’re looking for a bit of tranquility, as it’s located a 10-minute drive away from Ubud. So if you’re looking for a combination of relaxation and affordability, then this will be your best bet. Click here to view their latest prices.

Yanyan Resort Ubud

If you want to be able to gaze into the lush jungle while sitting in the swimming pool, then Yanyan Resort Ubud will be the best choice for you. Here you have the choice if you want to stay in a room or if you want to stay in a villa, so there are different price ranges available. Breakfast is included in the price.

Yanyan Resort Ubud is located around 8 kilometers away from the Tegenungan waterfall. I would highly advise staying here if you’re looking for a beautiful accommodation in the area. Have a look over here for more information.

Tanah Gajah, a Resort by Hadiprana

If you’re looking for an exclusive and very luxurious stay, then staying at Tanah Gajah will be perfect for you. The only downside is that it’s a lot more expensive than the other accommodation options. However, you will get a very unique experience.

You can have free yoga classes and you can go rice paddy trekking with a guide. Breakfast is also included in the price. All in all, if you’re looking for a place of luxury, then this place will be great for you. Click here to see their latest prices.

Tegenungan Waterfall places to stay
Tanah Gajah Ubud
Tanah Gajah Resort

In conclusion

The Tegenungan Waterfall in Bali is a must-visit destination. It’s surrounded by lush greenery and is easily accessible by road. Even though it’s becoming more and more popular and more tourists flock to the waterfall, it’s still a destination worthy of exploring.

If you keep in mind that it has become a popular tourist attraction, you will not be disappointed. Make sure to visit in the morning, when the crowds aren’t there yet and when the weather is not too hot to walk up and down 160 steps.

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