Solo Travel

Traveling solo can be adventurous, dangerous, exciting, lonely, unique and frightening, all at the same time! My first solo travel destination was China. A country where I had been before, but where I could not speak nor read their language and where the use of social media was limited.

As you may expect, China as my first travel destination to venture all by myself was challenging to say the least. However, this challenging time also taught me many valuable lessons. I truly think traveling solo makes you a lot better at problem solving, in all aspects of your life.

After my first independent travels in China, solo adventures in Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia and more countries quickly followed. Especially Cambodia, in my experience, was one of the easiest countries to navigate as a solo traveler. 

Many times I have been met with scepticism when people heard that I would be traveling on my own. Why would you even want to travel on your own is a question people would ask. Well, there are numerous of reasons. For instance, solo travel has heaps of benefits.

You will become more independent, you will meet lots of new people and explore new destinations, but most importantly it will make you more confident in navigating the world by yourself. 

It’s essential to be prepared before you travel on your own, especially when it’s the first time. It’s also important to stay safe while traveling solo.

To help you navigate this world a little better, I’ve compelled a realistic travel guide with articles on solo travel tips, the best destinations and more. Read on to find out how to explore the world on your own.

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