Raohe Night Market: The Best Night Market In Taipei?

Are you wondering what Raohe Night Market is really like? What can you expect from this night market and is it really worth visiting?

If you want to explore Taipei’s vibrant street food scene, you won’t want to miss the energy and flavors of Raohe Night Market.

While staying in Taipei, I’ve visited the market many times, as it’s one of my favorite night markets in Taiwan.

In this article, you’ll read exactly what you can expect from visiting Raohe Night Market, including photo impressions of the local street foods. Discover what makes this night market one of the best food spots in Taipei.

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street food at the best night market in Taipei

Key takeaways

  • Raohe Night Market is one of the best night markets in Taipei, offering an impressive selection of Taiwanese street foods.
  • It’s conveniently accessible via public transport. Take the MRT Green Line to Songshan Station or cycle here.
  • Raohe Night Market presents an authentic experience with loads of food stalls.
  • The market is open from 5 PM until midnight. This hotspot invites you to immerse yourself in Taiwanese culture through games and tarot card readings, alongside local dishes such as Lu Rou Fan and pineapple cheese bread.

How to get to Raohe Night Market?

First, it’s important to know how to reach the night market. Embarking on a culinary adventure at Raohe Night Market is straightforward, thanks to its convenient location in Taipei.

Not far from Songshan Station, you can navigate your way effortlessly using public transport or by taking a short walk.

Location and transport options

  • Take the MRT Green Line to Songshan Station. The market is just a stone’s throw away, only 100 meters north of Exit 5.
  • Use Google Maps for navigation and public transport routes. It’ll guide you step by step, ensuring you won’t miss out on this foodie hotspot.
  • Buses run frequently through the area, with stops close to the night market.
  • If you prefer cycling, YouBike stations are nearby. Rent a bike and enjoy a short ride through Taipei City before reaching your destination.
  • Taxis in Taipei are reliable and can take you directly to Raohe Street. They offer a comfortable ride after a full day’s exploration. Uber is available in Taipei.
Youbike station near night market
YouBike station

Opening times

Make sure you head to Raohe Night Market at the best time to experience all it has to offer. The market buzzes with activity from 5 PM until the stroke of midnight, providing enough time for you to explore its delicious local foods.

If you don’t like crowds, it’s best to visit the market around 5 PM to 6 PM. It gets a lot busier from around 8 PM.

With hours stretching late into the night, there’s no rush. Explore the market at your own pace.

people walking in the night market
people eating at night market

What to expect at Raohe Night Market

So, what can you expect from visiting Raohe Night Market? Well, lots and lots of delicious street food of course. So be sure not to visit the market with a full stomach.

However, this buzzing market isn’t merely a foodie haven; it’s a cultural playground that reflects the heartbeat of Taipei, Taiwan.

Lots of delicious street food

Affordable, yet delicious food is definitely one of the reasons why Taiwan is worth visiting. For food lovers, Raohe Night Market is heaven on earth. Here, you’ll find so many local flavors that will leave you craving more.

Here are some street foods you can try:

  • A Chinese burger is delicious, crispy and worth trying at the night market.
  • Taste traditional Lu Rou Fan, where braised pork over rice offers a rich experience.
  • Another tasty street food is the stone oven pork bun. It’s very crispy and the line to buy one can be really long on some days.
  • Discover fried chicken that’s both delicious and tender, seasoned to perfection and ready to become your new favorite comfort food.
  • Try the unique combination of pineapple and cheese bread – an unlikely duo that combines sweet and savoury.
  • At the market you’ll also find some fresh fish balls per string.
  • Explore stalls serving up oyster omelets, a popular dish for foodies where plump oysters mingle with egg.
  • Allow yourself to try some fried taro balls which offer a crispy exterior giving way to a soft, slightly sweet centre. There are also other fillings possible, such as egg yolk. The fried balls with egg yolk and custard are really delicious. They’re more yolky than expected and they’re salty yet sweet at the same time. Two balls cost us 50 NTD in total.
  • Of course you’ll also find some stinky tofu here: an iconic dish. Your nose will know where to find it, as it really stinks.
  • Finish on a lighter note with some original bubble tea, perfect after all those rich flavors – sweet and endlessly customizable.

Below you’ll find some photo impressions of street foods at Raohe Night Market:

Chinese hamburger
Chinese hamburger
man looking at pork bun at Raohe Night Market
Trying a stone oven pork bun for the first time
Pork Bun
Pork bun
Fried chicken at night market
Fried chicken: you get a lot!
Dumplings, small yet tasty
Fried balls with egg yolk
Fried balls with egg yolk
Pineapple cheese bread
Pineapple cheese bread: different kind of flavors

Clothing and shops at Raohe Night Market

After trying some mouthwatering local foods like Lu Rou Fan, wander through the aisles of Raohe Night Market’s clothing stalls. Here, you can go shopping for some souvenirs or clothing. Some clothes have some interesting quotes on it.

shirt at the night market in Taipei
Inspiring shirt at the night market

One of the best souvenirs to buy in Taiwan are pineapple cakes. Personally, I didn’t think they we’re very tasty, however they’re a very popular snack to bring back home with you.

pineapple cakes
Pineapple cakes at Raohe Night Market

There are several shops selling clothing, souvenirs, bags and shoes. We even found some swimming trunks here, which somehow was very difficult to find in Taipei.

Although the night market isn’t as large as the popular Shilin Night Market, I think it’s actually nicer to wander through its stalls and alleyways. It’s easier to navigate, because it’s smaller, yet it still has lots of (food) options.

shop at night market in Taiwan
drawings at Raohe Street Night Market
Artsy souvenirs at Raohe Night Market

Games to play

Discover the playful side of Raohe Night Market by participating in some games. Test your skills and soak up the local atmosphere as you join in on various cheap games scattered throughout the market.

From vending machine games to lively games that draw crowds, there’s an exciting range of options to keep you engaged.

games at Raohe Night Market

Make your way through the aisles and discover these games situated between the food stalls and stores. Most games are very affordable and will cost around 100 NTD per round.

One of the games you can find here includes popping balloons. If you manage to pop a certain amount of balloons, you can choose a present, which is often a toy or teddy bear.

Balloon game at the night market
Balloon game at the night market

Tarot card reading

If you’re into tarot readings, you might want to take a moment to experience a tarot card reading at this night market. Tucked between stands selling steaming Lu Rou Fan and fragrant pineapple bread, skilled tarot readers offer insights into your future.

These readings can provide a fun, reflective break from the sensory overload of the market’s sights and sounds. Trust in the cards as they lay out before you; many find this experience adds an unexpected layer to their journey through Taipei.

After delving into the future with a tarot reader, you might feel inspired to explore further. The side streets have their own secrets – don’t forget to visit them for some unique finds just around the corner.

side restaurant at Raohe Night Market

Where to stay near Raohe Night Market?

So, where should you stay if you want to be close to one of Taipei’s best night markets?

After evenings of exploring the tastes and sounds of Raohe Night Market, you’re going to want a cosy place to rest your head. Discover some of the best accommodation options close by:

City Suites Nandong in Taipei

City Suites Taipei Nandong is just a stone’s throw from Raohe Night Market, only a seven-minute walk away. It’s very affordable for what you get.

They have clean rooms where you can relax and recharge, perfect after exploring the streets of Taipei.

I’ve personally stayed here and think it’s a great place to base yourself in Taipei. While exploring everything Taipei has to offer, convenience is key.

The hotel sits near metro, train and bus stations, making it easy for you to get around. Click here to check its latest rates and availability.

If you would like to read a more extensive review first, then you’ll find that over here.

Taipei City Suites Nandong
City Suites Taipei Nandong

Amba Taipei Songshan 台北松山意舍酒店

Another amazing accommodation option is Amba Taipei Songshan. Check into Amba Taipei Songshan and find yourself at the heart of convenience, just a short walk away from the buzzing Raohe Street Night Market.

The rooms are clean and its windows offer beautiful views over Taipei. Here you’ll find its latest availability and prices.

This hotel is all about location – located near to Songshan Station for easy train and metro access, it’s very easy to get around Taipei from here. It’s also only 7 minutes on foot to the night market.

In conclusion

If you want to dive into the heart of Taipei’s street food scene, then you should really visit Raohe Night Market. It’s definitely one of the best night markets in Taipei.

It’s filled with delicious street food. From Chinese burgers to Lu Rou Fan, original bubble teas and fried taro balls. Here you’ll really find an authentic taste of Taiwan. Have fun exploring this night market filled with local foods and a good atmosphere.

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