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How To Spend A Cosy Rainy Day in Amsterdam

While I’m writing this, it’s raining outside. It’s October in Amsterdam and that means that it will be raining quite a lot from now on.

When planning a trip to Amsterdam, the possibility of rain can feel pretty daunting. Yet with over 200 days of rainy weather each year, it’s quite usual in this vibrant city. However, a rainy day in Amsterdam doesn’t mean that you can’t have lots of fun here!

After studying in Amsterdam for 6 years and living in the Netherlands for more than 20 years, I’ve encountered lots of rainy days. Ultimately, you get used to it.

So, how should you spend a rainy day in Amsterdam? Read on to find out how to explore Amsterdam in the rain!

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Amsterdam scenery

Best activities for a rainy day in Amsterdam

So, how should you spend your day in Amsterdam when it rains? These are some of the best ways you can spend your rainy day in Amsterdam!

Attend a concert at the Concertgebouw

Go to the Concertgebouw for a concert on a rainy day in Amsterdam. This place is known for its great sound. You’ll love this spot as it’s one of the best things to do in Amsterdam when it rains.

Tip: Not many people know that there are free concerts at the Concertgebouw every Wednesday from 12.30 to 13.00 PM. You only have to pay a small administration fee.

Here you’ll find more information about it. It’s good to know that this doesn’t apply to the months July and August.

Visit a museum in Amsterdam

If it’s raining, go see a museum in Amsterdam. There are lots of museums here and they offer shelter from the rain. You won’t be bored on a rainy day with all these museums to pick from! Some of the best museums to visit include the following:

Van Gogh

The Van Gogh Museum is a must-see for art lovers. It’s full of bold colors by the Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh. On a rainy day, it’s perfect to visit. The museum keeps you dry and lets you explore great art at the same time.


The Rijksmuseum is a must-see in Amsterdam. It’s perfect for a rainy day! Filled with beautiful art, the museum has many things to see. You will get an audio guide so you can learn as you look around.

Tip: Get an Amsterdam City Card! This lets you visit the Rijksmuseum and other interesting places and saves you lots of money if you’re planning on visiting several sights.

Hermitage Museum / H’Art Museum

One of the best museums to visit in Amsterdam is the H’Art Museum, also known as the Hermitage Museum. It’s an art museum situated on the banks of the Amstel River. The gardens at the museum are beautiful as well.

On Saturday’s there’s a really small market in the gardens where they sell some cheeses and breads. It doesn’t get as crowded as the other more well known museums, which is a good thing.

gardens at H'art Museum
Gardens at Hermitage

Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is a spot you must see. The house gives you a look into her world during the Holocaust. The diary written by Anne is at this house too.

Nemo Science Museum

The Nemo Science Museum is a great place to go on a day trip. You’ll have the best time finding out about science in an easy and fun way.

Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum is a fun place to be on a rainy day. You can enjoy five floors of art shows and theater acts. The shows change often, so there’s always something new to see. This museum holds many paintings and pieces of modern art.

Visit a local bar

You’ll love going to a local bar in Amsterdam when it’s raining outside. You can sit and relax and hear the rain fall outside.

One cosy bar to visit is Cafe Langereis. This is a brown cafe with candles and a cosy sofa. Going to an Amsterdam bar makes your day fun even with the rainy weather.

Cafe langereis with candle
Cafe Langereis: a cosy cafe to shelter from the rain

Take an Amsterdam food tour

Go on a food tour in Amsterdam! It’s perfect for rainy days. You get to try typical Dutch snacks that locals love! So don’t let the rain stop your fun. Try a unique culinary experience with an Amsterdam food tour.

gebakskraam in Amsterdam where you can eat Dutch snacks

Cozy up in a cafe

Find a nice, warm cafe in Amsterdam. Cafes are a good place to stop when it rains. One great cafe to visit when you’re walking around de Wallen area, is De Koffieschenkerij. This is definitely a hidden gem in Amsterdam.

You will feel snug and right at home. You can also go to other lunch spots or the Central Library (OBA) if you want some peace.

koffieschenkerij in Amsterdam with girl next to it

Unwind at Guerlain Spa

Go to Guerlain Spa for ultimate rest on a rainy day. This spot is located in the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. You can pick from many types of wellness treatments here. Want to fully relax? Guerlain Spa is your place.

Play games at TonTon Club

TonTon Club in Amsterdam is your fun pause on a rainy day. This gaming hub pulls you into an exciting world of arcade games.

Play some air hockey or pin ball. The club’s vintage games take you back to your childhood days! They also have craft beers, which is ideal if you’re a beer lover.

Go on a canal cruise

Taking a canal cruise is fun on a rainy day in Amsterdam. The boats have roofs, so you stay dry. You can see the city from a warm boat with a glass ceiling.

Enjoying this trip lets you see special bits of the city’s buildings and famous spots. This is why many find it is one of the best things to do when it rains in Amsterdam!

canal cruise Amsterdam

Eat at the Foodhallen

The Foodhallen is a must-see foodie spot in Amsterdam. It’s the country’s first-ever indoor food market. You’ll find it in the Oud-West district, which is a trendy area.

Here you can taste great street food. I must admit that it can be pretty pricey though, so don’t expect street food prices.

Tip: Next to the Foodhallen you’ll find the Filmhallen, so you can combine going for food with going to a movie afterwards.

Watch a film at Tuschinski Theatre

Tuschinski Theatre is a must-see in Amsterdam. It’s more than just a movie spot. This place is often called a “movie palace” and it lives up to the name. The building looks amazing with its old world charm.

On a rainy day, you will love the warm, cosy feel inside. Many say it’s one of the most stunning cinemas in all corners of the globe! You should plan to watch a film here when it’s raining outside.

Tuschinski theatre Amsterdam

Admire Amsterdam from a rooftop bar

Amsterdam looks even more amazing from a rooftop bar. You’ll see all the old houses and people cycling. You can see the rain fall on the rooftops. It’s fun to watch the city life go by from up high!

Go to the Heineken Experience

Experience the Heineken Experience when it’s raining. It’s an old brewery in the heart of Amsterdam. This place makes you learn a lot about beer and how it’s made. You will also get to taste it! The building itself is very old and beautiful.

Does it rain often in Amsterdam?

Yes, Amsterdam gets a lot of rain. It has wet days for more than half of the year (approximately 218 days a year). The city sees around 760mm of rainfall each year. Most rain falls between August and October. But don’t let that stop you!

Rain can still make Amsterdam fun to visit. As you can see, there are lots of indoor things to do and places to see when the weather is wet.

rainy day in Amsterdam

Is Amsterdam still fun in the rain?

Yes, Amsterdam is definitely still fun in the rain. Even walking around in the rain in Amsterdam has its own kind of charm. Don’t let it stop you from exploring this magical city. Remember: Rain makes you feel alive.

Amsterdam in the rain

If you do want to shelter from the rain, then there are many activities to enjoy here. You can see great art at the Rijksmuseum or at H’Art Museum.

There are also many other museums to see in Amsterdam. You will learn new things and stay dry.

A rainy day is perfect for some games too! At TonTon Club, you can play a ton of fun arcade games with friends. When you feel tired from playing, just sit down at one of the city’s friendly bars for a drink.

Last but not least: don’t forget about canal cruises! These boats give shelter from the rain. So relax and enjoy views of beautiful old houses from across the water.

rain in amsterdam

Where to stay in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, there are many great places to stay. If you want to be near shops and cafes, the Jordaan area is a good choice. It’s full of narrow streets and canals. The De Pijp area has a fun vibe with lots of live music spots. For those who love art, Museum Quarter is perfect.

There are also some top hotels in Amsterdam that may interest you. The Hoxton Amsterdam mixes a trendy style with comfort.

For a truly upscale experience with fine dining and a spa, choose to stay at the best classic hotel in Amsterdam, also known as Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. View its availability and rates here.

The Grand Amsterdam
The Grand

When looking for a unique stay in Amsterdam, I highly recommend checking out a ”brugwachtershuisje”, also known as a bridge house.

It’s one of the most special places to stay and sits right on the canals. Here you’ll find more information about one of these little houses, called the Hortusbrug.

Hortusbrug: brugwachtershuisje

Possible day trips from Amsterdam on a rainy day

If you don’t feel like spending a rainy day in Amsterdam, head over to one of the following nearby places:


It’s easy to get from Amsterdam to Haarlem. It’s only a short train ride away and is filled with history and beauty. You can see old churches like St. Bavokerk Church here. The city streets have cobblestones, which give it a kind of fairy tale charm.

You’ll also find many great museums in Haarlem. In between your sightseeing, relax at the Grote Markt. There are lots of things to do in Haarlem.

Canals in Haarlem


Castricum is a great place to visit from Amsterdam. It lets you see a different side of the country, even though it’s less than half an hour away by direct train. It’s located near the sea and the dunes.

Staying in Castricum for a day or more lets you enjoy it all. This village in the Netherlands is like a gift that few know about!

Zeezicht Restaurant

Zwarte Markt in Beverwijk

You will love the Zwarte Markt in Beverwijk, also known as The Bazaar. It’s open on weekends and bank holidays. It’s one of the biggest covered markets in Europe. Over 2,000 shops are there for you to explore.

You can find clothes, electronics and things for your home here. But above all, you’ll find lots of spices and fruits and vegetables.

Sultan restaurant with Afghan flag at Zwarte Markt


Take a train ride to Rotterdam. You will see another side of the Netherlands, with more modern architecture. It’s a good place to spend a day, as there are many things to do here.

Rotterdam Markt Hal
Markt Hal Rotterdam


It’s easy to get to Alkmaar from Amsterdam. It feels like a smaller version of the capital city.

This city has a lot of fun things to do. You can visit the Grote Sint Laurenskerk or find out about Dutch cheese at the Dutch Cheese Museum. From April to September, you can see the cheese market ceremony.

The Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar also makes for an exciting trip in this city. Afterwards, head over to one of the good restaurants here.

Hotel Luttik next to canals

In conclusion

Enjoy a cosy rainy day in Amsterdam! Try fun games at TonTon Club or watch a film at the classical Tuschinski Theatre. Don’t forget to visit the interesting museums and try some tasty food on a local tour.

Even with rain, Amsterdam stays full of life, joy and new things to explore!

Away with Danae

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