Lugano Switzerland

Photo Impressions of Lugano, Switzerland: Why You Should Visit!

Lugano, a beautiful lakeside town located in Switzerland, is the perfect blend between Italy and Switzerland.

It’s home to Lake Lugano, a captivating glacial lake surrounded by lush mountains. It not only offers great lake views, but it also has stunning views of the Alps.

The vibe in Lugano feels different than other places in Switzerland. It feels more lively, more Mediterranean and perhaps even more exotic.

The language spoken there is Italian, as Lugano lies in the Italian speaking Ticino-region. As Lugano is located close to the Italian border, it’s easy to see where its appealing atmosphere comes from. 

Perhaps you’re still wondering whether Lugano is worth visiting or not. With these photo impressions of Lugano I will show you why Lugano is definitely worth visiting. I will also give you a glimpse of what Lugano really looks like. 

For more information on what to do in Lugano, even if you’re only there for three hours, have a look over here

Lake Lugano
Lugano Switzerland
Fountain Lugano
Overlooking Lake Lugano
Lugano What To Do
Lugano worth visiting
Lugano Tower
Lugano Coop
Lugano Switzerland
Lake Lugano

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