Lobby at Kyoto Emion Hotel

Kyoto Emion Hotel Review: My Honest Opinion

A hotel can really make or break your stay somewhere. While searching for a good place to stay in Kyoto, I stumbled upon the Kyoto Emion Hotel. It almost looked too good to be true. Especially for its price.

So, what was staying here really like? Is it worth choosing this as your base in Kyoto or should you opt for a different hotel? This article will tell you everything you need to know about what to expect when staying here.

Lobby inside Kyoto Emion Hotel
Lobby at the hotel

How to get here?

So, how should you get to the hotel? Does it have a convenient location? Well, I can tell you that the location of this hotel is great. It’s not in the famous Gion area, but it’s very well connected.

From the Osaka Kansai International airport, you can take a train or a bus to Kyoto Station. This will take a little less than an hour and a half. From Kyoto Station you can either walk or take the metro/train to Umekōji-Kyōtonishi Station. There’s a passageway from this station to the hotel, which is ideal for getting around.

Of course it’s also possible to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel, but this would be very expensive.

Trees outside at Osaka Kansai Airport
Osaka Kansai International Airport

One of the best things about this hotel is the entrance to Umekōji-Kyōtonishi Station on the second floor. Here you can catch JR trains, which is really convenient for getting around Kyoto.

For example, from this station you can easily catch a train to the Arashiyama area, where you’ll find the popular Bamboo Forest and the hidden Gioji Temple. 

Is it worth staying here?

Yes, it’s definitely worth staying here. The hotel is very luxurious. You’ll immediately notice this when you step inside. The lighting is perfect and everything is clean and spacious.

Lobby at Kyoto Emion Hotel

Especially the onsen is a really nice attribute of the hotel. You’ll do lots of walking in Kyoto, so relaxing in an onsen afterwards is amazing. The rooftop bar is also a definite bonus. Plus the passageway to a JR station makes the location ideal.

Even though the hotel is very luxurious, it’s still pretty affordable. Check its current prices and availability here.

Danae at Emion Hotel in Kyoto
As you can see, I’ve actually stayed here

What is the hotel room like?

The hotel room is light and spacious. There’s free WiFi and air conditioning. The rain shower is really nice and the toilet is very high tech (like most Japanese toilets).

There’s a television, a fridge and everything you need in the room. There’s even a humidifier. You get cotton pads, a razor, tooth brushes and all necessary amenities. What I personally liked most is that you get a pyjama. 

My only con about the room was that there weren’t any double beds available anymore.

Here you’ll find some realistic photos of the room which I’ve taken myself:

Sink at hotel
Rain shower
Television at hotel with youtube, Hulu
Shoes at the hotel
Bed at Hotel Emion Kyoto

Unique facilities at Hotel Emion in Kyoto

  • There’s a beautiful onsen in the building. It’s on the same floor as the reception is. There’s also a sauna here. You can access this free of charge. Remember that the onsen is naked and gender separated. You should also wash yourself before going in.
  • There are multiple restaurants and shops on the second floor. One of these restaurants is specialized in really delicious eel, I highly recommend visiting this one while you’re here. Outside the hotel, you’ll also find plenty of food options. One place I highly recommend going for breakfast is Sukiya. It’s very affordable, 3 minutes away and they have simple, yet tasty meals.
  • On top of the hotel you’ll find a rooftop area, where you can sit and relax. The sky terrace closes at 10 PM. You’ll even see people here wearing the pyjamas of the hotel. While we were here, you could order draft beers as well.
  • The lobby feels very spacious and luxurious and is a nice place to just sit around.
  • You can do your own laundry here as well. There are several wash-dry machines, which is very convenient. It’s also possible to give your laundry to the staff at the reception, however this will be a lot more expensive.
  • I highly recommend renting a bike from the hotel. This costs 1700 Japanese yen for a day (09.00-18.00) per person. Exploring Kyoto by bike is definitely one of the best things to do here. It also feels more relaxing than exploring on foot, as you’ll do lots of walking while you’re here.
Danae's partner on bike from the hotel
The bike we rented from the hotel
The washing machines at the hotel
The washing machines at the hotel
Eel served on on rice
Rooftop terrace
Rooftop terrace at the hotel
Salmon sandwich and matcha latte at Sukiya
Breakfast at Sukiya: a 3-minute walk from the hotel

In conclusion

Hotel Emion Kyoto is a really great place to base yourself in Kyoto. The hotel has everything you need.

It might not be located in the populair Gion area, however it’s conveniently located with a passageway to a JR station.

It even has a rooftop area and there’s a beautiful onsen for you to relax in after a day of exploring Kyoto. The possibility to rent bikes at the hotel is also very useful.

If you want to stay at a luxurious hotel with a relaxing onsen, then book your stay here.

Away with Danae

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