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Hotel RU136, Seoul: What It’s Really Like Staying Here

Are you curious what it’s really like to stay at Hotel RU136 in Seoul? An accommodation can really make or break your stay, hence it’s important to know whether it’s good to stay at a certain place or not.

That’s why I’ve written this review about Hotel RU136, so you have an idea of what it’s like to stay here.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this hotel in Seoul, including whether it’s worth staying here, how to get around and where to eat and drink in the area.

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Is it worth staying at Hotel RU136 in Seoul?

If you want to stay in a local area in Seoul, yet you appreciate a sense of luxury, then this is the perfect stay for you.

Hotel RU136 is a great choice of accommodation as it has everything you need. It’s close to restaurants, convenience stores and subway stops.

But what makes it really worth staying here is the attention for detail and the feeling of luxury. Click here to view its rates and availability.

bed at hotel room in hotel ru 136
Hotel Ru136

What to expect at Hotel RU136

So, what can you expect when staying here? Read on to find out.

The staff is very friendly and the service is excellent. When you book your stay, I would request for a bath just in case, as you don’t want to miss out on the gigantic bath tub.

The bath tub is amazing and one of my favorite parts about this hotel. It’s huge and feels very luxurious.

bath tub at hotel ru 136
My bath tub at Hotel RU136

Besides a bath, my room had a separate rain shower as well. The bed is very comfortable and the room is spacious.

The toilet even has a heated toilet seat and automatic flush. The room also had cables to charge your phone next to the bed, which was very convenient.

wash basin at the hotel
rain shower at hotel ru 136
The rain shower at the hotel room

The only downside of the hotel is that it’s located in a more local area. I saw one tourist in total during my stay here. This is very different from other areas such as the crowded Myeongdong.

For some people this can be a big turn off, while for others this will feel like a truly authentic experience. It depends on your own preferences whether you will like this or not.

Personally, I though this was great, as I always seek more authentic cultural experiences when I travel. Besides, it’s still very conveniently located, as it’s close to two subway stations.

girl with camera at hotel ru136
As you can see I have actually stayed here

The room has a safe to store your valuable belongings in. It also has two bath robes, towels, a hair dryer and all necessities.

There’s a phone next to the bed to call the reception. Next to the bed you’ll also find two nightstands and switches for the lights, which is very efficient. 

fridge and safe in the hotel room
bath robes at hotel ru136

Another great thing about this hotel is its rooftop terrace. From here, you have stunning views of Seoul. I highly recommend you to check it out. There’s a picnic table here.

It’s the perfect place to have a drink or meal, see the sun go down and realize that you’re in Seoul!

rooftop views at the hotel
rooftop terrace views at hotel ru136
Views from the rooftop terrace at Hotel Ru136

How to get around?

Luckily, there’s a metro nearby. You can use Yeokchon Station, which is located two minutes away by foot.

There’s another subway station located near to the hotel as well, called Bulgwang station. This station is 6 minutes away by foot.

The latter station has better connections to the city centre. In fifteen minutes you can get to downtown by subway. The exact duration of your journey depends on your destination of course. 

people walking in a local area in Seoul

For example: it takes 13 minutes by subway to get from Bulgwang station to Anguk station (here you can explore the traditional Bukchon Village).

There are also several bus stops nearby, however the metro is ultimately the best way to get around. If you use the metro and want to get back to the hotel, get off at Yeokchon (line 6) exit 3 or Bulgwang (line 3 or 6) exit 6.

Use a metro card to get around by subway. It’s one of the most affordable and fastest ways to get around Seoul.

You can buy a T-Money metro card at a convenience store and top it up there as well. There’s a convenience store located 20 seconds away from the hotel. It’s called GS25.

holding my T-Money card in Seoul
My own T-Money card

Where to eat and drink near the hotel?

You can of course eat in the city centre. The city is filled with loads of different kinds of restaurants.

However, If you want to eat something nearby the hotel, then there are plenty of options too. They’re all local restaurants, so don’t expect to see any foreigners when you’re here. This adds to the experience though.

Idha Cafe is a nice cafe to grab a coffee, tea or a refreshing drink. Use Papago, one of the most useful apps to download while in South Korea, to translate the menu. You can also ask the friendly staff for advice on what to get.

If you want to eat as affordable as possible, you can also choose to buy food at the convenience store. There are microwaves in the store where you can heat up your food.

There’s also a nice local shop where you can get some dumplings for 4000 Korean Won in total. They’re really delicious and come with chopsticks and in a small white box for take away. The shop is located in between the hotel and Bulgwang subway station. 

near Hotel Ru136
Near to the hotel

In conclusion

All in all, Hotel RU136 in Seoul offers an amazing stay for travelers looking for comfort, convenience and exceptional service.

Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Seoul or simply looking for a relaxing retreat, Hotel136 is an excellent choice that guarantees an unforgettable stay (with an incredible bath). There’s even a rooftop terrace where you can see the sun go down over Seoul.

So why wait? Book your stay at Hotel RU136 and let it be your home away from home!

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