Hotels in Galle Fort

The 11 Best Hotels in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Galle Fort is a beautiful historical town located on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its stunning colonial architecture and rich history.

If you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka, Galle Fort is a must-visit destination. It’s very different to other towns in Sri Lanka.

In this article, we’ll explore the best hotels in Galle Fort. We’ll also dive into what to do during your stay in Galle Fort and where to eat and drink.

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Galle Fort

The best hotels in Galle Fort

Galle is home to some amazing (boutique) hotels. Personally, I would highly recommend staying at one of the following hotels in Galle Fort:

1. Fort Printers

Fort Printers is a luxurious boutique hotel in the centre of Galle Fort. The service here is outstanding and they have a beautiful pool. To me, it really feels like an oasis of calmness in the middle of Galle.

If you’re interested in staying in Galle Fort, I highly recommend booking this hotel. Click here to view their latest prices.

2. Arches Fort

This hotel is definitely a hidden gem in Galle Fort. It’s affordable, breakfast is included and it’s conveniently located in the centre of Galle.

Besides, the Galle Lighthouse, one of the must-visit attractions, is situated only 500 meters away. Click here to check out more info about this lovely hotel.

3. Villa White Queen

If you prefer to stay in a more quiet area of Galle, then choose to stay at Villa White Queen. This is a really serene place to stay at and it has a gorgeous swimming pool. The centre of Galle is only 5 minutes away by tuktuk.

Click here to view the prices of this serene property.

4. Yara Galle Fort

Yara Galle Fort is another amazing choice for accommodation and is set in a historical building in the centre of Galle. The service here is outstanding. If you’re looking for a hotel which is set in a great location, I would opt for Yala Galle Fort. Click here if you want to have more info about this hotel.

5. Aqua Boossa

You may prefer to stay in a villa which is all for yourself. If so, then Aqua Boossa will be a good place to stay at. Especially if you’re staying with a group, this will be the best option for accommodation in Galle.

This villa is located on the beach in the centre of Galle, which makes it a really convenient place to stay at. Have a look over here for more info about this private villa.

6. Green Casa

Another really beautiful place to stay at in Galle, is Green Casa. It’s located 5 minutes away from the city centre of Galle Fort.

If you want to stay in a historical villa, definitely choose to stay at Green Casa. They also have 24-hours reception, which is really convenient.

7. Taru Villas Rampart Street – Galle Fort

For a luxurious stay in Galle Fort, I would highly recommend staying at Taru Villas Rampart Street. This place is absolutely gorgeous and delicious breakfast is included in the price. Besides, the staff here is amazing.

If you’re looking for an oasis of greenery and calmness, then choose to stay at Taru Villas Rampart Street. Click here to see their prices.

Best hotels in Galle Fort

8. The Postcard Galle

Another gorgeous place to stay at in Galle is called The Postcard Galle. They have a beautiful swimming pool, free WiFi and 24-hours reception. If you like attention to details, then this is the place for you. Just have a look at how serene this property looks.

9. Fort Bazaar

If you’re looking for one of the best boutique hotels in Galle Fort, then definitely stay at Fort Bazaar. The location is perfect and the historical building is really lovely. Breakfast is included in the price as well.

The rooms are spacious and well furnished and the staff is really attentive. Click here to view their latest prices and more.

10. The Mer.Chant

Another great hotel in Galle Fort is The Mer.Chant. This hotel is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Galle. When you book at this hotel breakfast is included in their price.

The hotel has a spacious garden, a restaurant and also a bar. If you want to stay in the heart of Galle, this is the ideal hotel to stay at. Click here to view more info about this hotel.

11. Galle Fort Hotel

Galle Fort Hotel is truly a hidden gem in Galle. It’s location is perfect and it has a lovely outdoor pool and terrace. This boutique hotel offers free Wifi, but also bike and car hire, which makes it an even better choice for accommodation.

The Galle Lighthouse is located only 300 meters away from the property. Without a doubt, this is one of the best hotels in Galle Fort.

Although it’s not one of the most affordable options, I would highly recommend staying here for a luxurious experience in a historical building. Click here to view their prices and more.

Top things to do in Galle Fort

If you’re staying in Galle, it’s good to know what to do during your stay here. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in Galle Fort:

Visit the Galle Lighthouse

The Galle Lighthouse is one of the most iconic landmarks in the fort. It was built in 1848 by the British and is still in use today. The lighthouse stands at 26.5 meters tall and offers a stunning view of the surrounding area.

You can climb up the stairs to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and the fort. It’s a great spot to take some memorable photos and is definitely a must-visit during your stay in Galle Fort.

Galle Lighthouse
Galle Lighthouse

Visit the Old Dutch Hospital

Another must-visit spot in Galle Fort is the Old Dutch Hospital. This historic building was constructed by the Dutch in the 17th century and was used as a hospital for their soldiers.

Today, it has been transformed into a shopping and dining complex, and is a popular tourist destination. The Old Dutch Hospital is home to an impressive collection of shops and restaurants, which makes it really worth visiting.

Shop at Pedlar Street

Pedlar’s Street is a popular place to go shopping in the heart of Galle Fort. This vibrant street is lined with boutique shops, cafes, and art galleries, making it a perfect spot for tourists to explore the local culture. Interestingly enough, the street is named after the peddlers who used to sell their wares here during the colonial era.

Galle Pedlar Street

It’s the ideal place for buying trendy clothing and jewelry to souvenirs and handmade crafts. If you’re looking for unique, locally made souvenirs to take back home, definitely head over to Pedlar Street. You can even find some shops that offer custom jewelry-making services, allowing you to create a truly unique souvenir to remember your trip to Galle Fort.

Where to eat and drink in Galle Fort?

During your stay in Galle Fort, it’s important to know where to have the best food and drinks. That’s why I’ve listed the following recommendations for you:

Fort Printers: for a luxurious lunch

I know I have already recommended staying at this hotel. But this hotel has an amazing restaurant worth mentioning as well. This place is definitely my favorite restaurant in Galle Fort.

Lucky Fort Restaurant: for affordable Sri Lankan cuisine

This restaurant is really affordable and serves some of the best Sri Lankan food in Galle. Hence, I would highly recommend a visit to this restaurant.

Bastille Fort Galle: for tasty seafood

If you’re looking for a restaurant with a great atmosphere and delicious seafood, then head to Bastille Fort Galle.

The Arch Restaurant – Galle Fort: for a unique experience

If you want to dine a little away from the tourist area in Galle, then head to the Arch Restaurant. This restaurant definitely offers you a unique experience. The staff is really attentive, their food is high-quality, which makes them one of the best rated restaurants in Galle Fort.

Coconut Sambol: for delicious curry in a cosy atmosphere

Last but not least, I would recommend eating at Coconut Sambol. This small restaurant has a really nice ambiance to it and serves really good curries.

Besides, the restaurant prices are very affordable. Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to eat in Galle Fort.

Where is Galle located and how to get there?

Galle is located on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, about 119 km from Colombo. The best way to get to Galle is by train, bus or a private taxi or tuktuk. 

If you’re coming from Colombo, you can take a train from Colombo Fort Station to Galle. The train ride takes about 2-3 hours, and offers amazing views of the coastline.

If you prefer to take a bus, there are several buses that run from Colombo to Galle, and the journey takes about 3-4 hours.

Alternatively, you can also hire a taxi or a car to drive to Galle Fort. If you prefer a more affordable way to reach Galle, I would suggest to either make use of the public transport or to get a tuktuk ride.

You can use the free Pickme app to order a taxi or a tuktuk (this is like the Sri Lankan version of Uber and it’s really convenient!).

Galle Dutch Fort

How many days in Galle Fort?

I would highly recommend staying at least 3 days in Galle Fort. There’s a lot to explore here, yet this can definitely be covered in three days.

However, if you prefer to have Galle Fort as your base to travel to other places in Sri Lanka as day trips, I would recommend s

Final thoughts

Galle Fort is a must-visit destination in Sri Lanka. Due to its rich heritage, it’s a great destination for lovers of history and culture. It’s also a perfect destination to go shopping and to buy some artsy souvenirs to bring back home.

It’s different than other places in Sri Lanka, which is why I highly recommend visiting this place for around 3 to 5 days.

There are a couple of really high-quality hotels in Galle Fort, as mentioned above. From boutique hotels to private villas, there is something here for everyone.

During your stay in Galle, you will also be able to enjoy delicious cuisine at its many authentic restaurants.

All in all, Galle Fort is an excellent destination in Sri Lanka and is home to many unique hotels. Have you ever been to Galle? Please let me know in the comments!

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Hotels in Galle Fort

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  1. Hi there! Your blog perfectly resonates with my experience in Galle Fort last March. The charming atmosphere and friendly locals made it truly special. I explored the Maritime Museum, and the colonial elegance at the court building, lighthouse, and sea corner left a lasting impression.

    I also discovered The Arch Restaurant, a hidden gem indeed! Meeting the owner / Chef , a former NYC Michelin Star Restaurant Chef added to the experience. The seafood platter and heavenly cocktails were highlights, and the Cream Brulee was silky perfection. It’s undeniably one of the best restaurants in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.

    My stay at Taru Villa was delightful. The staff’s warmth, delicious food, and the heavenly Sri Lankan tea made it memorable.

    Your article captures the essence of Galle Fort beautifully, covering almost everything! Cheers to more adventures in this enchanting destination!

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