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Is Daan Forest Park in Taipei Really Worth Visiting?

Located in Taipei City lies a lush and green retreat: Daan Forest Park. Often named as the ‘Green Lung’ of Taipei, this expansive park offers an escape into nature without leaving the city.

Lined with towering trees and brimming with biodiversity, Daan Forest Park is where locals and tourists alike come to relax.

In this article, you’ll read whether the park is worth visiting, how to get here and what you can expect.

man wandering around Daan Forest Park

Key Takeaways

  • Daan Forest Park is a green oasis in Taipei’s city, providing an escape to nature with its vast array of trees, plants, and wildlife.
  • The park is accessible via transport options including MRT, bus, bike stations nearby (though no bikes are allowed inside), or taxi.
  • Opened in 1994 on previously used university land, the park features picnic areas, an amphitheater, basketball field, playgrounds and a large ecological pond supporting local biodiversity.
  • It offers opportunities for relaxation and recreation such as walking trails amongst flowers and lakes where turtles can be spotted; all contributing to its reputation as ‘the lungs of Taipei’.
  • Anyone looking to connect with nature within the city makes Daan Forest Park a worthy destination for both locals and visitors. There’s no entrance fee.

How to get to Daan Forest Park?

Getting to Daan Forest Park is not that difficult thanks to Taipei’s efficient transportation system. You have several options, whether you prefer the speed of the MRT or the scenic view from a bus.

  • Take the MRT: The simplest way to reach Daan Forest Park is by taking the Red Line (Xiangshan Line) to Daan Park Station. Once you exit the station, you’ll find yourself at one of the park entrances.
  • Catch a bus: Numerous buses service the area around Daan Forest Park. Look for routes that stop along Xinyi Road, Heping East Road, or Xinsheng South Road. These routes include numbers 235, 237, and 278 among others.
  • Ride a bike: If you’re staying nearby and feel like cycling, there are plenty of YouBike stations in Taipei. Just remember that bikes aren’t allowed inside the park so you’ll need to park them at designated areas outside.
  • Grab a taxi: For direct transport, hail a taxi and give them “Daan Forest Park” as your destination. Taxis in Taipei are reliable and equipped with meters to ensure fair pricing.
Daan Forest Park Metro station

History of Daan Forest Park

The park has been a green sanctuary since its opening in 1994. It was an ambitious project designed to give Taipei residents a spacious and natural area for leisure right in the heart of the city.

Before it became the urban oasis that it is today, this space served a variety of other uses over the years. It transitioned from being part of Taiwan National University’s agricultural experiment fields to becoming one of the largest parks in Taipei.

Imagine walking through pathways surrounded by towering trees that were tiny when this place was first constructed. These trees have grown alongside the park, contributing to its nickname as “the lungs of Taipei.” They’re very majestic and impressive.

Majestic trees in Daan Forest Park
A beautiful tree in Daan Forest Park

The planning and development were meticulous with an aim to preserve nature while providing a relaxing environment for people from all walks of life to enjoy.

A lot goes on behind those lush landscapes and serene ponds; every plant, path, and playground has been thought out carefully — proof that Daan Forest Park is more than just an ordinary city park.

It’s a testament to careful urban planning coexisting with nature conservation initiatives.

Entrance at the park

What to expect at Daan Forest Park

So, what can you really expect when visiting Daan Forest Park?

Ecological park with forest-like environment

Step into Daan Forest Park and you’ll immediately feel its lush greenery. If you go deeper in the park, it almost looks like a natural forest. This twenty-six hectare urban oasis invites you to breathe deeply between beautiful trees and rich plants.

signs at the park

Birds sing from the branches above, this is truly a sustainable ecological establishment designed for serenity in the city.

Walk along the pathways; they lead you past serene ponds where turtles might catch your eye if you look closely enough.

girl walking in park in Taipei
Girl with coffee in park
Grab a coffee or bubble tea and wander around, but don’t litter.

The park’s large ecological pond stands as a testament to Taipei’s commitment to environmental conservation.

It provides habitat for various species and is an idyllic setting for wildlife photographers seeking their next great shot. Its greenery is one of the major reasons to visit Taiwan.

Beyond this lies more discovery – beautiful trees and picnic areas where families gather, several playgrounds and a basketball field.

Daan Forest Park filled with greenery and trees

Beautiful trees, flowers, lakes and wildlife

As you wander away from the busy streets into Daan Forest Park, lots of greenery greets you. Lined with majestic camphor trees, it feels very peaceful to walk in the park.

Picture yourself wandering around tranquil lakes and looking for a quiet spot to read a book. There are lots of benches around to go and sit and watch the world go by.

Bird species map at the park
Special kind of bird at the park

You’ll see seasoned wildlife photographers and casual visitors alike find joy in capturing various bird species thriving within this natural habitat.

The park is not only visually captivating but also serves as a sanctuary where flora and fauna flourish together harmoniously. It’s a true testimony to Taipei’s dedication to preserving natural beauty in its metropolis.

Whether seeking inspiration or solitude, Daan Forest Park is an ideal place to visit during your time in Taipei.

Old tree
Old trees in the park with pond in the background

Picnic areas, amphi theater, basketball field, playgrounds and ecological pond

  • Picnic areas: Spread your blanket under the shade of tall trees and unwind with a good book or enjoy a lunch. Plenty of benches are scattered around, perfect for sitting down, relaxing or people-watching.
  • Amphi theatre: Watch cultural performances at the amphi theatre. The outdoor venue hosts events that add a memorable touch to your park visit.
  • Basketball field: Get your game on at the basketball field. It’s an ideal spot for some friendly competition.
  • Playgrounds: Children find their happy place here with several playgrounds designed for adventure and play. Safe, well-maintained equipment means hours of fun for your little ones.
  • Ecological pond: The large ecological pond is very serene and nice to have a walk around. Look closely to spot turtles gliding through the water or join wildlife photographers capturing pictures of local bird species.
Wildlife photographers at ecological pond
Wildlife photographers at the ecological pond

Is Daan Forest Park worth visiting?

After exploring the many things that Daan Forest Park has to offer, you might still be wondering if this green haven in the heart of Taipei is worth your time.

This park serves as a welcome retreat in the city. It’s definitely worth visiting, especially for nature lovers or lovers of tranquility.

photographers at the pond

Imagine yourself wandering through paths lined with gigantic trees, or sitting on one of the numerous benches enjoying the views.

The park showcases a large ecological pond that not only supports local wildlife but also offers visitors the chance to spot local flora and fauna. At the small pond, you might even spot some turtles if you’re lucky.

small pond with girl in front
small pond at Daan Forest Park

As a runner, you’ll appreciate the spacious tracks free from biking crowds – bikes are not allowed here to ensure a peaceful experience.

Children will find joy in several playgrounds while basketball enthusiasts can shoot hoops at any of the available courts.

Photographers flock to capture unique shots of bird species that call this oasis home.

Whether it’s participating in an outdoor activity or simply unwinding with a coffee from the quaint café by the firefly pond, Daan Forest Park provides lots of opportunities for rejuvenation.

pond with birds
large pond at Daan Forest Park

In conclusion

Daan Forest Park stands as a lush urban oasis, filled with tranquil paths and a vibrant ecosystem. Imagine strolling through clusters of tall trees and spotting birds.

Walk around the pond or read a book on one of the benches. Whether you’re seeking solace or relaxation, this ecological jewel is a must-visit for any Taipei itinerary.

Embrace nature within this city sanctuary.

Away with Danae

park with trees and a pathway

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