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How To Explore The Buluowan Suspension Bridge 太魯閣國家公園

The Buluowan Suspension Bridge is not just any bridge; it’s the longest suspension bridge within Taroko National Park. Stretching 196m across the Liwu Valley and about 152m above ground, it offers unparalleled views of the lush valleys.

This article will guide you through every step needed to explore this beautiful sight, including when to visit and what to keep in mind when visiting.

Update April 2024: There has been an earthquake in Taiwan. The Taroko National Park has unfortunately been damaged due to this earthquake. It won’t be possible to visit Taroko Gorge at this time. Follow the recent news updates to know when it will reopen again. My heart goes out to Taiwan and its citizens.

Danae watching the mountain views from the Buluowan Suspension Bridge
Admiring the views from the Buluowan Suspension Bridge

Key takeaways

  • Arrive at the Buluowan Suspension Bridge early in the morning to enjoy peaceful views without the crowds. Opening time is at 8:30 am, and visiting right when it opens offers a more serene experience.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and pack essentials like water, snacks, a first-aid kit, and sun protection.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast as conditions in Taroko National Park can change quickly. Strong winds are common so it’s important to dress appropriately and secure your belongings.
  • Respect local wildlife and follow park rules – no pets or drones are allowed on the suspension bridge. This helps protect both visitors and the natural environment of Taroko National Park.
  • Consider hiring a driver if planning to explore beyond Buluowan Suspension Bridge. Sites like Shakadang Trail, Tunnel of Nine Turns, and Qingshui Cliff are nearby wonders worth experiencing.

About Buluowan Suspension Bridge

Located in the heart of Taroko National Park, the Buluowan Suspension Bridge offers unparalleled access to some of Taiwan’s most breathtaking mountain views.

It’s very accessible, as it’s only a five-minute walk from the parking area.

Mountain views from the bridge
Beautiful views from the bridge

Location and access

Driving will take about 15 minutes/10 km by car from Taroko National Park Headquarters to Buluowan. There’s a large parking lot available.

To reach the Buluowan Suspension Bridge, you’ll start your journey from the Tienshiang Youth Activity Center. It’s an easy trek of about 500 meters.

platform near the bridge
Flat green platform

You’re looking at a brief 5-minute walk from the parking lot directly to this stunning bridge. Along the way, prepare for breathtaking mountain views that truly capture the essence of Taroko National Park.

Keep in mind, while setting out for this adventure, no smoking, pets or drones are allowed – ensuring everyone can enjoy nature’s peace and serenity. This rule helps protect the surrounding natural beauty and wildlife.

board with direction to Buluowan Suspension Bridge

If you want to get here by public transport: from Hualien or Xincheng Train Station or Taroko National Park Headquarters station, take TaiwanTrip UBus 310, or Hualien Bus 1133 bound for Tianxiang, and get off at Buluowan.

Keep in mind that Taroko 302 bus does NOT provide services to Buluowan.

According to the national Taroko Gorge website, the trail is accessible to those with disabilities and is suitable for people using wheelchairs or pushing strollers.

way to the bridge

Length and height

Spanning the Liwu Valley, the Buluowan Suspension Bridge impresses with its 196 meters in length and a width of 2.5 meters. It holds the title as both the longest and highest bridge within the park, hanging at about 152 meters above the ground.

Its grand scale offers you unparalleled views of the surrounding mountains, making it a must-see attraction.

Each step on this bridge becomes a moment to remember against the backdrop of Taroko National Park’s natural beauty.

partner of Danae standing with the bridge in the background
partner of Danae overlooking the views from the bridge

Exploring the Bridge

When stepping onto the Buluowan Suspension Bridge, you’re greeted by breathtaking mountain views. So, when should you visit and are there anymore things to be aware of before visiting?

Best time to visit to escape the crowds

The opening times are: 08:30- 16:30. The last possible admission time is at 16:00 PM. It’s closed on every first and third Monday of every month (if there’s a national holiday then it will be postponed).

text on the ground ''Buluowan Suspension Bridge''

Head to Buluowan Suspension Bridge early in the morning, right at its opening time at 8:30 AM, to escape most of the crowds.

Planning your visit during weekdays and avoiding peak seasons can significantly enhance your experience too. Taroko National Park is less crowded then, making it easier to explore the bridge and other nearby attractions.

people standing on the bridge and takin pictures

More tips for visiting

Exploring Buluowan Suspension Bridge in Taroko Gorge offers an adventure like no other. Here are some extra tips to make your visit smooth and memorable.

  • Pack light but don’t forget essentials like water, snacks, a first-aid kit, and sun protection.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, you’ll probably be walking a lot. Especially if you combine your visit with nearby trails such as the beautiful Shakadang Trail.
  • Check the weather forecast before you go. The wind in Taroko Gorge can get strong, so prepare accordingly to protect your belongings.
  • Be mindful of the local wildlife. Snakes and insects are common in the area, so stay alert and stick to marked paths.
  • No pets or drones are allowed on the Buluowan Suspension Bridge. This is for both their safety and that of the natural environment.
  • There’s more information available at the information center located close to the bridge.
  • Consider booking a driver for the day if you plan to explore more places like the impressive Tunnel of Nine Turns and the surreal Qingshui Cliff. It’s cost-effective when shared and allows you to enjoy the scenery stress-free.
person standing in front of the visitor centre

Is Buluowan Suspension Bridge worth visiting?

Absolutely, the Buluowan Suspension Bridge stands as a testament to both natural beauty and engineering marvel within the national park.

As you step onto the bridge after just a five-minute walk from the parking lot, you’re greeted by breathtaking views of lush forest. The views are what makes this bridge really worth visiting.

I do recommend combining your visit with other nearby sights. You can easily add in some trails to make your day even more unforgettable.

partner of Danae leaning on rails of the bridge looking at the scenery

In conclusion

Going on an adventure to the Buluowan Suspension Bridge in Taroko National Park promises a day filled with inspiring views. Remember, arriving early will give you a serene encounter with nature, away from the crowds.

Don’t forget to explore beyond the bridge to discover more stunning landscapes. The area is filled with beautiful sights, hence you can easily combine a couple of places in one day. If you don’t have a car at your disposal, then hiring a driver will make exploring a lot easier.

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