why Seoul is worth visiting

7 Reasons Why Seoul is Truly Worth Visiting

The capital city of South Korea is not a standard on everyone’s travel list. However, Seoul is definitely a city worth exploring. It’s absolutely an underrated gem in East Asia.

Read on to find out why Seoul will be the next trending destination!

a red palace in Seoul with a mountain in the background

Reasons to visit Seoul in South Korea

So, what makes Seoul worth visiting? There are so many reasons, including the following:

Unique blend of traditional and modern

One of the things that makes Seoul such an interesting city, is its unique blend of traditional and modern.

Visit its historic sites like Bukchon Hanok Village or Changdeokgung Palace, where centuries-old traditions live on.

Wander through its diverse neighborhoods, each offering its own unique charm. Dive into the live performances of K-Pop culture in vibrant Hongdae or wander through colorful Myeongdong.

Palace in Seoul

Advanced technology

Experience cutting-edge technology firsthand in Seoul. Dive into digital innovations and see why this city is a global tech leader.

In Seoul, you can see the future. The city is full of advanced tech. Seoul is a hub for digital innovations. South Korea uses Seoul to test new technology ideas.

This includes the creation of virtual universes and digital fun. A design hub I recommend checking out is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

The city is changing into what they call a “smart city.” This makes life easy for people living there. It also adds excitement to the different neighborhoods in the city. The changes are part of South Korea’s big plan to be very high-tech.

Dongdaeumun Design Plaza
Dongdaeumun Design Plaza

Try delicious food

The amount of restaurants in Seoul are bizarre. Food plays an important role in the culture here and rightfully so. You can find all kinds of different foods in Seoul, which makes it an excellent location for foodies.

From Korean fried chicken to kimchi dumplings and eggdrop, there’s something here for everyone. 

When in Seoul, you should try some Korean BBQ. One great spot for this food treat is Wang Bi Jib. This restaurant is known far and wide for flavorful meats lightly dusted with salt.

Definitely check out the food markets when you’re here. You can try all kinds of street food here. A great food market to check out is Gwangjang Market in Seoul.

If you’re interested in a smaller and more local food market, I can also recommend going to Mangwon Market.

Simply put, if you’re a food lover, you’ll love it here.

korean fried chicken at Mangwon Market
Korean fried chicken @Mangwon Market

Experience a different culture

South Korea has such an interesting culture. It’s a city where the old meets the new. It’s probably very different than what you’re used to.

Experiencing a different culture is what gets you out of your comfort zone and what makes you grow as a person. You’ll learn a lot from traveling to different countries, especially if they’re different than what you’re used to.

In Seoul you can really learn to appreciate the traditional customs and practices of its locals.

For instance, respect plays a big role in their society. When you’re in the subway, it’s absolutely not okay to sit on a designated seat for elderly or pregnant women, even if it’s not being used.

It’s also common to give and receive things with two hands (or an extended arm), as a sign of respect. These customs are part of Seoul’s heart and soul, adding depth to your visit.

To be honest, when I was back in my home base country I missed certain parts of the Korean culture, especially the paying respect to your surroundings.

mural near museum in Hongdae

It’s very affordable

Especially compared to other countries in East Asia, South Korea is still very affordable. Your flight ticket will be your highest cost post. Compared to European prices, the accommodations here are pretty affordable as well.

Once you’re in Seoul, you can easily get around by subway. It’s cheap and easy to use. For 10 days in Seoul, it will cost you around 10000-15000 Korean won in total for transport. This is around 7-10 euros in total! Compare this to Japan and you’ll understand why I’m saying that Seoul is affordable.

Food is also very cheap here. You can get a meal here for 5 euros. When you eat at a food market, you’ll also be able to eat very affordably.

What’s even better, is that a lot of the activities in Seoul don’t cost anything. Not many places (except for the palaces) have entrance fees.

Places such as Bukchon Hanok Village, Myeongdong, Gwangjang Food Market and Insadong, you can visit without paying anything to enter.

If you’re looking for some affordable vintage shopping here, check out the Dongmyo Flea Market.

flea market in Seoul
Dongmyo Flea Market, Seoul

There are lots of things to do 

You will never get bored in Seoul, trust me. There are so many things to do here. This is partly due to the different districts that Seoul has. You can spend days exploring just one district, while there are several of them.

You can watch street performances in lively Hongdae, eat street food in Myeongdong, go cafe hopping in Insadong, visit historic palaces or climb Bukhansan Mountain.

Every kind of traveler will have a good time here. It’s great for foodies, culture lovers and nature enthusiasts. 

Street performance at Hongdae Street
Street performance @Hongdae Street

Beautiful nature

When you think of Seoul or South Korea, you might not think about its nature. However, Seoul has several great nature spots in its city. You have tranquil Namsan park, located near Seoul Tower.

You can go hiking in Bukhansan national park or Inhangsan National Park. Some paths are easy and others are very tough. Seoul Forest is another great place to hike, located in the heart of Seoul. It provides a calm and peaceful walk.

There’s also Han River, where you can go cycling and watch the sun go down.

If you don’t feel like walking between concrete buildings in the city, you can also choose to walk along the Cheonggyecheon stream. There are lots of green spots in the city.

If you want to go for a picnic in a quiet area in Seoul, go and discover the Suseongdong Valley. This is a beautiful valley at the foot of Inwangsan Mountain.

two people walking in Suseodong Valley, Seoul
Suseongdong Valley

In conclusion

Seoul will be the next trending destination in Asia. It ticks all the boxes. There are so many things to do here. It’s a beautiful destination for culture seekers, nature lovers and foodies.

Besides, it’s still very affordable compared to other countries in East Asia. You can easily get around by subway, food is cheap and activities hardly cost anything.

It’s an amazing place to visit if you want to immerse yourself in a different culture and get out of your comfort zone. 

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