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3 Best Texel Campings for Nature Lovers, the Netherlands

If you’re a nature lover looking for a unique camping experience in the Netherlands, then look no further. The following Texel campings combine stunning landscapes, outdoor adventures and a peaceful atmosphere.

As the largest of the Dutch Wadden Islands, Texel is home to sandy beaches, beautiful dunes, diverse flora and fauna and picturesque countryside. It’s a great place to visit for beach lovers, hikers and those looking for a peaceful getaway.

In this article, we’ll explore the best campings Texel has to offer. Read on to find out about Texel’s top campings for nature lovers.

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The top 3 Texel campings for nature lovers

Texel is home to many great camping spots. The best campings for nature lovers include the following:

1. Camping Kogerstrand

If you’ve always wanted to camp in the dunes, then this is the perfect camping for you. Camping at Kogerstrand will be a unique experience, as you literally camp in the dunes.

Depending on where your place is situated on the camping, it’s around a 10 to 15 minute walk to the beach called Kogerstrand. The centre of De Koog, which is a nice little village, is not more than 10 minutes away by foot. De Koog in general is a really nice place to base yourself.

There are multiple sanitary buildings, so you never have to walk more than five minutes to reach one. There is toilet paper in the buildings, so you don’t have to bring this.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of camping, I absolutely loved it here. You really feel in touch with nature, as you’re surrounded by the dunes.

You can book a campsite for a stay with a vehicle or just with a tent. You can also choose to book a place with or without electricity. One night of camping here, with a tent, without electricity, had cost us around 50 euros in total.

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Camping Kogerstrand

2. Camping Loodsmanduin

Another great Texel camping is called Camping Loodsmanduin. This camping is a fantastic choice for nature lovers, but also for people looking for a camping with lots of facilities.

On the central square of Camping Loodsmansduin you will find a restaurant. Here, you can have lunch, dinner, or enjoy the liveliness around you on the terrace. Additionally, on the square, you’ll find the outdoor swimming pool and the playground.

If you’re going camping with children, then I would highly recommend this camping. For children, the entire park serves as a fantastic playground. You can stay at Camping Loodsmansduin with your own tent, caravan, or camper.

If you want to go camping but don’t have your own camping equipment, you can choose one of the furnished rental tents at Camping Loodsmansduin. There are arc tents available for 4 or 5 people. The tents have a living area, a spacious cooking section and two sleeping compartments.

Located across the beautiful grounds, there are 60 luxurious chalets, equipped with all the comforts.

You can choose between a 4-person chalet, where the luxury bathroom even includes an infrared sauna, or a 5-person chalet with an extra bed and a separate toilet.

In the Wulp field, a separate area on the outskirts of the camping site, you’ll find the naturist campsite Loodsmansduin. The naturist campsite has its own toilet building, complete with an infrared sauna. To be able to use this sauna you’ll have to pay a fee.

3. Camping de Terp Texel

Last but not least, Camping de Terp Texel offers a picturesque camping experience for nature lovers. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, then this is probably your best option. Situated on the island’s beautiful countryside, this farm camping is a tranquil retreat.

At Camping de Terp, you’ll find spacious pitches that offer enough room for your tent, caravan, or motorhome. What sets Camping de Terp apart is its idyllic surroundings. The peaceful atmosphere of the countryside allows you to relax and reconnect with nature.

The surroundings are ideal to go for long nature walks. It’s around a fifteen minute bike ride to a nice beach. Discover the island’s diverse flora and fauna as you go on an adventure through the countryside.

If you’re looking for a small camping with clean and well-maintained facilities, then Camping de Terp in Texel is your best bet. Without a doubt this is one of the best Texel campings for nature lovers.

Texel Campings
Camping de Terp Texel

More amazing places to stay on Texel

In case you prefer to stay in a private house, then staying at The island life beach house 1 in De Koog will be a great option for you. This lovely house has a garden and is conveniently located nearby the beach and the centre of the small village.

Another place worth exploring is Oudeschild, a cute harbor village on the Eastern side of Texel Island. One of the best places to stay here is at Texel Suites, a huge private suite with sea views.

You might want to stay in a tipi in Texel, then Tipi Texel is without a doubt your best bet. Click here to view their prices and more.

If you prefer a boutique hotel when staying on Texel, then you should definitely consider Boutique Hotel Texel. This boutique hotel is located in De Cocksdorp and has an indoor pool and a restaurant. Breakfast is included in the price.

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How to get to Texel?

Texel is an island, so you’ll need to reach it by ferry. It’s easily reachable though. You will first have to get to Den Helder. You can get here by train, by car or by bike.

Once you get to Den Helder, you can take the ferry to Texel. This ferry goes every half an hour and if you’re a foot passenger it only costs 2.50 euros.

If you have a car with you, it will be a lot more expensive. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get to Texel Island.

How many days in Texel?

Texel is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Two to three days is enough to explore the island a bit. You’ll get a great impression of what the island is like.

If you prefer a slower pace of travel, then I would recommend staying for around five days in total. In this way, you can relax and see a lot of the island at the same time.


When to visit Texel?

The best time to visit Texel is from June to September, when the weather is at its best. During the summer months, the island gets more crowded, but it doesn’t get too crowded. If you want to have the warmest weather, then stay here in July and August.

What to do in Texel?

Texel is a relatively small island, yet there’s enough to do here. You can visit its beaches, cycle around the island, visit Den Burg and much much more.

Texel Island

In conclusion

You can’t really go wrong when it comes to camping in Texel. If you want to camp in the dunes, choose to stay at Camping Kogerstrand.

Looking for a camping with a lot of facilities, then have a look at Camping Loodsmanduin. Do you prefer a small farm camping? Then stay at Camping de Terp Texel.

If you’ve changed your mind about camping, then staying at Tipi Texel, Texel Suites, Boutique Hotel Texel or The island life beach house are also great options. Wherever you choose to stay in Texel, I’m sure you’ll have a great time exploring this beautiful island.

Have you ever been to these Texel campings? Let me know in the comments!

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